Tips for Networking and Interviewing

by Belle Wilkins

Networking and interviewing are vital aspects in any career, especially public relations. Improving your networking and interview skills can help with future internship and career opportunities. Tips for networking and interviewing can be helpful at events such as Grady’s career fair, or talking to guest speakers at Grady.

Here are tips to improve your networking and interviewing skills:

Prepare ahead

It is important to practice what you want to say prior to attending a networking or interviewing event. Having an elevator pitch is one way you can introduce yourself and spark interest in a specific organization. Bring a resume with you to show companies that you are prepared and professional. 

Do your research

Having prior knowledge about the company or person you are speaking to can help spark conversations. The more knowledge you have about a person or company, the more you can create in-depth questions that show off your knowledge and interest.

Plan your first impression

Try to dress in business professional attire when attending interviews and career fairs, and practice what you want to say. Make eye contact, and be confident and professional while engaging in conversation. 

Talk and listen

Maintaining eye contact and listening are important while networking and interviewing. It shows that you are engaged and professional. It is important to not only talk about yourself, but to listen to what the company has to offer and ask questions as well. 

Bring a pen and paper

UGA’s Career Center, located on the second floor of Clark Howell Hall.

Bringing a pen and paper will help you remember what you talked about during conversations. You can write down key notes and details about the job or internship that will be useful in the follow-up process. These notes can also be used to determine if you think the company would be a good fit for you.

Ask questions

Asking questions can show engagement and interest in an organization. It shows that you want to learn more, and are looking to see if the company would be a good fit for you. Additionally, preparing questions ahead of time for companies you want to talk to and are interested in can help ease anxiety. 


Following up with the person you interviewed or were networking with is crucial. It shows that you are interested beyond the career fair and can help maintain your connection. Along with keeping your connection, you can also expand your network. Staying in touch can include following up on LinkedIn or email. 

Go to UGA’s Career Center

UGA’s Career Center is a great way for students to polish their resumes and help improve their interview skills. Mock interviews can be conducted to help students become more prepared and confident in their interview skills. UGA also offers a mentorship program, which helps students expand their network and learn more about their career.