Committee Head Applications for the 2022-2023 school year will be open from September 7th-September 23rd.

This year for general committee members we will have two rounds of committee member applications. This will allow members who are with us at the beginning of the year to hit the ground running and get to work helping our amazing committee heads, but also allow members who may not hear about our chapter until later in the semester to still have the opportunity to get involved. Both application processes are completely equal.

Outreach (Fundraising & Networking)

Committee head: Jin Lee

The goal of the Outreach Committee is to focus on facilitating member interaction and connecting to the Athens community. Will help organize fundraising percentage nights and find a way for PRSSA to give back to the community. Also responsible for the peer mentorship program and monitoring the GroupMe.

Event Planning

Committee head: Ansley Baker

The Event Planning Committee will be responsible for planning and executing the bi-weekly meetings (whether in person or online), senior banquet, and collaborating with the Outreach Committee.

Member Relations

Committee head: Kathryn Penn

The PRSSA Member Relations Committee’s main focuses are to drive engagement within the organization through incentives and creating innovative ideas to bring the chapter closer together and more welcoming. Members of this committee are responsible for highlighting individual, professional achievements of our chapter members. This committee is also responsible for tracking chapter attendance and assisting with recruitment of new members during the fall and spring semester.

Social Media

Committee head: Deborah Yoon

The Social Media Committee works alongside the Digital Media Director to produce original content and campaigns for PRSSA’s various social media outlets. They help keep the accounts an engaging and useful resource for members, alumni and industry professionals alike. The main responsibilities of this committee are to post social media content, help run the social pages, creating original content, maintaining a strong online presence and running social media campaigns.


Committee head: Mia Bonfiglio

The Content Committee helps generate content for our social media accounts as well as our website. This includes writing blog posts and coming up with article ideas, editing, and updating the website. Stories can include feature stories, member spotlights, industry news and any other ideas you and your committee may have.

Public Relations

Committee head: Emma Brumsey

This committee is responsible for all things public relations. The main responsibilities will be creating graphics, fliers, press releases, monitoring our organizations media relations and working closely with the Social Media Committee to ensure a unified presentation of our organization and important events.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Committee head: Eli Banzon

The DEI Committee works with the president to promote diversity and inclusion. This team helps make sure we are conscious of current events affecting the PR and communication fields and creates a welcoming environment for everyone as well as helping make our chapter more inclusive. We are looking for individuals passionate about DEI.