Athens PR Highlights – See.Spark.Go

by Delaney Padgett

Athens, GA is home to several incredible PR agencies, with one being See.Spark.Go.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Halleigh Woods, a PR Specialist at See.Spark.Go.  Follow along to hear about her respective experiences within the agency.

What does a typical day to day look like in the office?

See.Spark.Go has been a hybrid environment workspace since Covid-19.  I come to the office three days a week and work from home the other two.  Every day looks different in an agency.  We do a lot of non profit and ministry work, while also helping with lifestyle categories like fashion, food and beverage, hospitality, travel, etc.  As for my day to day schedule, it ranges from meetings with clients to email communications and writing that allows me to use creativity.  Additionally, one unique thing that we do at See.Spark.Go is something called “Spark Sessions.”  These are all hands on deck brainstorming sessions that allow us to collaborate and come up with ideas related to campaigns that we are actively working on.  

How did you get started at See.Spark.Go?

When I was at UGA, I was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.  One of the girls in my pledge class was interning at See.Spark.Go in 2020 and after seeing my sorority sisters get involved there, I applied for an internship.  I then started interning there fall semester of junior year up until spring semester of senior year.  See.Spark.Go was actually the only internship I had because I loved it so much.  It allowed me to gain hands-on, real world experience by doing social media work and ads that would then get presented to the client.  From there, I was offered a full time job and have been working there ever since. 

Woods, pictured on the right, at the TOUR Championship.

What were you involved in at UGA to gain experience?

I was a member of PRSSA and served on the Leadership Team for UGA Miracle.  Then, my senior year, I got to join the UGA Miracle Executive Board where I worked on the Parent and Alumni Team.  On the team, I got to interact with people, work on newsletters and lead meetings.  It also helped me better my writing and public speaking skills, both essential qualities in the world of PR.

What are some of your favorite parts about working at See.Spark.Go?

I love having the opportunity to be creative.  Specifically, through offering insight to clients about what to do with the their brand.  I also love helping with events, as they remind me of why I do what I do.  

What is your favorite memory that you have there?

One of our clients is the TOUR Championship and we got to help them debut with a new cocktail drink.  Together, we came up with the cocktail contest.  We had bartenders in Atlanta think of ingredients, and from there, it was a competition to see who could come up with the best cocktail.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of that and even got to attend the TOUR Championship.  It was so cool to be on the media side and see all the behind the scenes at the tournament.  See.Spark.Go also has offices in Atlanta and Nashville and it has been super fun to experience new things.