Senior Send-Off 

By Katherine White

Our graduating executive board leaders from left to right: Sarah Dorr, Ansley McLendon, Dolores Trobradovic, Raynor Manley, Taylor Tuscai

As the semester comes to an end, PRSSA would like to dedicate its final blog post to our senior executive board. Their dedication to PRSSA, outstanding leadership qualities and involvement in Grady College made them more than qualified to guide PRSSA’s 2022-2023 chapter. 

Coinciding with our senior banquet this week, let’s take a moment to reflect on the impact that our senior executive officers had and hear what they have to say about their experience leading PRSSA and their post-grad plans. 

Dolores Trobradovic, President

“PRSSA has truly shaped my experience at Grady. When I came into Grady as a sophomore in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had a pretty vague idea of what PR was and what I wanted to do,” Trobradovic said. “PRSSA has really been my guiding light these past three years. I have learned so much about the industry through our amazing speakers. Each meeting opened up a world of new opportunities for what I could do in my career, and I will always be thankful for that. When I became the president last year, I knew I wanted to give those same opportunities to the new members of PRSSA. I have loved getting to serve as president this past year. It’s been so fun to watch our members interact with speakers, and I am so proud to play even just a tiny part in a member’s career development. I have loved working with my amazing exec board and Kim – PRSSA really wouldn’t be the same without them.”

After graduation, Dolores is working at BBDO in Atlanta as an Account Management Intern over the summer. She is excited to continue expanding her leadership skills and industry knowledge in this role.

Her biggest piece of advice for younger students is to take every opportunity that Grady gives you. “Our college really gives us a lot of ways to get real life experience and network with both professionals and peers,” she said. “Don’t be afraid that you’re under-qualified for anything; there are so many people that are here to help you. Go after the things that you want and be confident in yourself!”

Sarah Dorr, Vice President

PRSSA has been such a pivotal part of my college career,” Dorr said. “It’s allowed me to make so many friends within my major and connect with the most accomplished industry professionals from around the country, all while growing as an effective leader.”

Her biggest advice is to network. The network and networking skills she has built through PRSSA have been instrumental in her internship and job searches.

She will be interning at a PR agency in Washington, D.C. following graduation.

“Don’t compare yourself to others,” she said. “It’s hard not to do this, but just be confident in your unique abilities. That’s what will make your work as a PR professional more authentic.”

Raynor Manley, Director of Public Relations

“PRSSA has meant the world to me throughout my time at UGA,” Manley said. “Not only has it allowed me to gain leadership experience and other relevant PR experience, but it has also allowed me to make so many friendships and connections that I am so thankful for. We couldn’t do it without Kim Landrum, and I am so lucky I got to know her during my PRSSA experience.”

“PRSSA has taught me the importance of networking. After each PRSSA meeting, I leave feeling inspired from the advice and wisdom each industry professional has to offer. My favorite PRSSA meeting will always be the Kevin Schatell meeting. It is so inspiring to hear from Grady alum that are so passionate about UGA and their job.”

After graduation, she will be attending the University of Georgia Graduate School. She will be obtaining her Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an emphasis in Integrated Advertising and Public Relations. 

“My advice to any current PRSSA members would be to get involved as soon as you can,” she said. “The experience you can gain being a committee member is invaluable and is a great way to boost your resume, get more involved in Grady and give back to PRSSA.”

Taylor Tuscai, Director of Member Relations

“PRSSA has provided me with an amazing Grady community that has shaped me professionaly and has opened so many doors,” Tuscai said. “I am so honored to have served as the Director of Member Relations for two years and to have communicated how great this organization is to the UGA student body! It was really rewarding to work with the past two executive boards and navigate how to successfully recruit and engage members post-pandemic. I have gained such valuable leadership experience and insight through this organization, and after listening to industry leaders at each meeting, I have gotten more and more excited about my future career. After graduation, I am interning with an agency in Atlanta called Cookerly Public Relations.” 

Ansley McLendon, Director of Internal Communications

“PRSSA has meant a lot throughout my experience at UGA,” McLendon said. “It is an organization full of opportunities and friendships, and a great place to get involved.”

PRSSA has taught her about working with fellow PR professionals, leading a team to success and how to network effectively. 

Her post-graduation plans are still to be decided as interviews continue to take place. Currently, she is working in a contract position with the corporate communications team at Cox Enterprises.


PRSSA is so thankful for these leaders and wishes Dolores, Sarah, Raynor, Taylor and Ansley all the best as they move onto this exciting chapter of their lives! To all of our graduating seniors, congratulations, and to the rest of our PRSSA family, we will see you next year!