Grady Alum, Dana Todd, Explains Her Role As CEO of Balodana and Offers Advice To Students

By: Raynor Manley

On Tuesday, Dana Todd joined eager PRSSA members in a virtual meeting. Todd is currently the CEO of Balodana. Balodana was born out of Todd’s frustration for trying to find clothes that fit, and she felt confident in.

Balodana is a custom fashion marketplace. They believe the solution to modern-day clothing is custom built and made-to-measure clothing. Their goal is to make shopping as convenient as possible for online shoppers regarding their style and sizing. They also place a heavy emphasis on being sustainable. They place value on supporting small-batch manufacturers who value quality over quantity and producing zero-waste. Balodona’s mission is to make women happy while also saving the planet. 

To learn more about how Balodana works click here.

Advice from Dana: 

  • Don’t be afraid to pivot, it’s very okay to do different things and go in a different direction than you thought you would. 
  • Internships really do help. The best thing you can have on your resume is experience. 
  • Work your network. There are thousands of UGA graduates all over the United States that are more than happy to connect with you. Try connecting with them on LinkedIn and sending a message explaining who you are and why you want to connect.
  • When pitching to an employer, talk about what you know about the industry/ the job you are applying for and what you have already done and why you are qualified for this position.
  • Show off your portfolio. It’s amazing! All of your great work is in one place, and it really helps recruiters get a feel for your style and what you can do.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of networking. Todd said she has never gotten a job through a job listing, only through her connections. 
  • Join clubs and groups. Make your own about your interests. This is a great way to network and become involved.
  • Don’t be shy! Show your personality to those recruiting you.
  • Just because you get a no now, doesn’t mean it’s a no forever. Keep trying and stay on their radar. Find another way in, if possible.
  • Get used to rejection. Life is a game of numbers. You might get 99 rejections for the one yes, but the yes could be the best position for who you are.
  • Practice as much as you can and take feedback from recruiters.
  • Be passionate and creative. Be yourself and be unique. 
  • Have mentorships. Check out the UGA Mentor Program or even connect with people you admire.
  • Stay curious and always ask questions. 

Connect with Dana at dana.todd(at), connect with her on LinkedIn or follow @balodana on Instagram!