Five Podcasts Grady Majors Should Listen To Right Now

By: Merryn Ruthling

After the rise of COVID-19, you may have noticed a rise in many things including masks, hand sanitizer, Zoom meetings and … podcasts? While everyone searched for some form of entertainment, everyone from companies like Trader Joes to celebrities like Michelle Obama wanted in on the podcast world. Over 2.9 million podcasts are available on Spotify now, so it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose which ones are best for you. However, there are a few great podcasts that are especially great for Grady majors to stay up to date with industry trends. Here are five podcasts that are worth a listen:


  • Social Media Marketing Podcast

    1. Published: Every Thursday
    2. Organization: Social Media Examiner
    3. Why you should listen: Favorite. Podcast. Ever. I was introduced to this podcast by my previous supervisor, and I haven’t missed an episode since. This podcast features host Michael Stelzner who interviews various experts in the multimedia and marketing world on a weekly basis. Guests on his podcast range from TikTok influencers to Google Analytics experts to content marketing strategists. This podcast will leave you with valuable information on new trends, tools and ways to stay up to date as an emerging public relations professional. If you have ever struggled answering the question of how you stay up to date on industry news, look no further than this highly underrated podcast. 
  • NPR Up First 

    1. Published: Daily
    2. Organization: NPR
    3. Why you should listen: This ten minute podcast will update you on the news you need to start your day in a refreshingly unbiased way. NPR finds the three largest stories of the day and reports information in very manageable amounts. As a student in Grady, it is especially important to be aware of breaking news in various industries. However, it can sometimes be too time consuming to stay up to date with every update. I have found that listening to this daily podcast as I am making breakfast or walking to campus is an easy way to know the most important events of the day and stay on top of the hectic news cycle. 
  • On the Media

    1. Published: Multiple times a week 
    2. Organization: WNYC Studios
    3. Why you should listen: This award-winning podcast really helps listeners understand how media is created. The host, Brooke Gladstone, is entertaining and examines important issues relevant to Grady studies such as free speech and media transparency. Topics covered include everything from the economy to art to social media, so there is something for everyone. Impress your classmates and coworkers by listening to this podcast!
  • Digiday

    1. Published: Weekly 
    2. Organization: Digiday 
    3. Why you should listen: If you subscribe to Digiday, you will love their podcast. According to their Spotify bio, the Digiday Podcast is “a weekly show on the big stories and issues that matter to brands, agencies and publishers as they transition to the digital age.” Digiday provides daily online news about advertising, publishing, and media. Digiday is a great resource for Grady students who want to learn about branding and advertising outside of classes. 
  • TED Radio Hour

    1. Published: Weekly
    2. Organization: TED and NPR
    3. Why you should listen: For those of us who aim to work in a public relations or advertising agency, it is important to have knowledge about a range of industries. TED is known for their engaging talks and examining big ideas, and this podcast transforms these talks into a weekly, hour-long radio program. These episodes “explore the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world’s greatest thinkers.” This podcast will not only inspire you to learn more about your world, community and yourself, but also give you some fun things to talk about at parties!


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