Leadership with Mohamed Massaquoi 

by Riley Mason 

How does a college student beginning their professional career understand the pathway to leadership? And how will those skills change the way we make connections with others? On Jan. 23, Mohamed Massaquoi, a former UGA and NFL football player, spoke about his career and insight into organizing the chaos. 

How has your career changed throughout your professional life?

After the NFL, I worked for Morgan Stanley and didn’t love it. In 2017, I organically found my current job through connections and talking with others. Now I organize “chaos” in complex systems. I deal with the articulation of corporate strategies, especially through change. By understanding, communicating and implementing I can help leaders articulate their priorities and strategies. 

What have been the most impactful strategies when communicating with different clients?

Simplicity is key. The more you communicate with a reference point, like an analogy, the simpler people can connect. Also, understanding the demographic you are communicating with is important. Part of this understanding is doing pre-work. It gives a preliminary understanding of how you tailor a conversation. People want to be heard, understood and to know that you have their best interest at heart. Finally, I highlight their wins and celebrate those moments. My clients can begin to see payoffs and start to transform from those wins. 

Advice for Students

  • Find mentors who can help guide you 
  • Let people in and be honest with them, vulnerability helps accelerate your journey
  • Don’t let the moment pass you
  • Build authentic relationships 
  • Normalize the job that feels beyond you, it is not beyond you