Finals Advice and Happy Holidays from PRSSA!

By Belle Wilkins

With the Fall 2023 semester wrapping up, students are eagerly awaiting to celebrate the holidays and finish their assignments. Reading day is on Dec. 6, 2023 with finals starting on Dec. 7 to Dec. 13. As finals are quickly approaching, I asked students at the University of Georgia to share advice on how they are preparing for these major exams. I interviewed Kayla Feinstein, a third-year advertising major, and Scarlett Young, a second-year public relations major.

Kayla Feinstein:

How are you starting to prepare for your exams?

I started preparing for my exams by breaking up my studying into small portions. By breaking down the material it helps me remember the content more easily compared to saving all my studying for the last minute. This strategy helps me be less stressed out because I give myself enough time to make sure I know the content thoroughly.

What are your favorite ways to destress?

Especially during finals season, I like to destress by watching movies or TV shows in between my studying. Watching a show or movie allows me to focus on something else, and give myself a break. I also like to attend events on campus that promote destressing like Grady’s Paws with the Dean. It’s very calming to be around the emotional support dogs and having snacks for students to eat while studying.

What are you looking forward to over break once finals are over?

Grady’s Paws with the Dean event held in the Peyton Aderson Forum.

After I am done with finals, I am going to Asheville, North Carolina with my friends for a weekend trip. This will be my first time in Asheville and I am going to the mountains and Biltmore Estate. I am also very excited because I am spending the holidays with my family in Buffalo, New York.

Scarlett Young:

How are you starting to prepare for your exams?

I have started studying for my finals in both a group and individual setting. I like creating study groups with classes I have with friends, and quizzing each other on how well we know the material. Along with studying in a group, I also enjoy creating study guides for myself and using quizlet to review the material.

What are your favorite ways to destress?

I like to destress by going for runs, crocheting, and baking. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I like doing activities that allow me to put my mind on something else. With crocheting and baking I get to be creative and focus on tasks that do not cause me stress and I can express myself. I think it’s helpful to have hobbies you enjoy doing to help create less pressure from studying.