Your Guide to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

By: Katherine White

TikTok has a huge global platform where short videos are able to impact millions. TikTok influencers have become very popular and brands often sponsor TikTok users with large followings to market their products to their followers.

Social media influencers have taken over the internet without a doubt. With social media’s growing importance and influence in our everyday lives, it has become a platform for individuals to develop a voice. Many individuals use their voice and their audience to become an influencer.

So, what is a social media influencer? Influencers have the power to influence the public’s behavior, opinions and purchase decisions through their creative social media content and engagement with their audience. Influencer marketing and PR spans across all social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook and others. Here are some tips and tricks on how to build your own presence as a social media influencer.

  • Pick a platform. 

Are you passionate about taking photos, making short videos or writing? For someone that has more of an eye for photography, Instagram or Facebook would be a great place to establish an image. For those who are into videography or acting, TikTok would be fitting. Blogging is the perfect place for creative and passionate writers to explore. Social media is flexible and open-ended. You have the ability to choose where you fit in and to share just about anything you are passionate about. It’s all up to you. 

  • Own your voice. 

Your social media voice or image should demonstrate who you are, your personality and your hobbies. Whether your image is based around fashion, photography, sports or food, it should be meaningful to your identity. Although content matters, it is often the person behind the screen that allows you to build unique content and foster a relationship with your following. 

  • Be interactive. 

Social media influencers that are successful engage with their audience. Posting content alone is not enough to build a trusting fan base. It is important to listen to feedback, engage with comments and produce content that you know your audience is interested in. If your content is not getting any likes, comments or is receiving negative feedback, use that information to alter your platform. 

Businesses can reach large audiences and promote their products through influencers. Audiences are often willing to listen and trust influencers that they admire and look up to. Brands and companies can reach a specific target audience by choosing influencers that have the same audience market their products. Besides marketing, influencers can also be used to help a brand’s public relations. Selecting a certain influencer to represent their brand can help to create the image that the brand is looking for. 

At the core, public relations is all about engaging with the public and forming relationships to influence their perspective. This definition aligns perfectly with the role of social media influencers, which explains why influencers have become such a fundamental part of the public relations industry. Public relations firms and agencies can use influencers that share a passion for their brand to communicate with a trusting and interested audience. Influencers can help a brand’s sales, image and following.

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