Wix Workshop – Dr. Melanie Lo

by Mia Bonfiglio

For young professionals, it is essential to have a personal website portfolio with work from past coursework or jobs. On Nov. 14, Dr. Melanie Lo walked students through how to create an effective Wix webpage, why it is important and what to add to it. Below is what she covered:

Why you need an online presence

Dr. Melanie Lo shared her screen with students to walk through her best Wix tips.

It is important to own your online content. By having a website, you define your personal brand and tell a story with your work. You can also showcase your best work to employers, clients and customers while enabling them to contact you about your work. This sets yourself apart from others who don’t have a website.

How to create your website

First, it is important to identify your site’s goal before building your website. This will help you determine which specific content, pages and features you will need to include on your site. Having a clear call to action is essential to direct your visitors to take action. Examples of this may be “Download my Resume” or “Contact Me”.

Additionally, plan and organize your content by curating materials ahead of time. Pick four to eight specific projects that demonstrate your skills and align with the job or industry you’re looking to enter. These can be descriptions, images and videos of your best work. A personal statement on your website is also important to showcase who you are and what you enjoy doing. Other important things to have are a professional headshot, resume or CV and any certifications or awards.

Finally, make sure to incorporate your personal brand. Your website should be a combination of your expertise, experience and personality. It should influence how others perceive you. When designing, make design choices that best communicate your personal brand, what makes you unique.

Additional tips

  • Pick content that showcases your strengths, passions and interests
  • Use fonts and colors to express personality
  • Keep site’s design consistent
  • Write in tone that mirrors brand identity
  • Tell your story!