Georgia Power’s social media lead, Crystal Mussenden, along with social media interns Tess Newton and Breanna Tyre, joined PRSSA on Feb. 18 to share their presentation “10 things about corporate America you probably don’t know but you 100% should.” Mussenden presented on a range of topics from diversity to proper email technique. 

Mussenden is a UGA alum who recently received her MBA in Marketing from Mercer University. She shared how vital it is to know the business you are in beyond your regular duties. She spoke on the grunt work she performed in order to get where she is, encouraging the room to work hard and do the tasks that might not be the most desirable to build respect and show dedication. 

Mussenden shared her best email etiquette tips including concise and clear emails that only address one subject. Also, she recommended using a Serif font since human eyes process it most effectively. 

Newton and Tyre shared their tips at the end of the presentation. Newton inspired PRSSA to explore new avenues and opportunities. Tyre explained that a post-graduate internship can be more beneficial than a full-time job. Her transition after college to a full-time job left her unsatisfied and she is much happier in her internship with Georgia Power. 

A PRSSA member asked, “What would you say is your central message shared though your social pages since Georgia Power is a powerhouse company with multiple facets?” Tyre explained how to balance different aspects of the company to maintain a cohesive brand with all the pieces represented equally. 

The presentation ended with Mussenden plugging Georgia Power’s six-month internship program with applications opening in May. 

Georgia Power’s social media team taught PRSSA best practices and gave valuable advice regarding networking and the importance of mistakes in order to grow. PRSSA is grateful to these women for coming to share their experiences. 

Our next meeting is with NEBO on March 3 at 6:30 p.m in MLC room 350. NEBO president Kimm Lincoln will discuss how to disrupt the PR industry.