Seven PR newsletters you should subscribe to

By Mimi Cooper 

No matter where you are in your UGA experience, it’s so important to prepare for your future as a public relation professional through every resource possible. There are various mediums available online to learn about the industry and discover your PR interests. One of those resources are newsletters: easy, efficient and fun to read.

Here are some newsletters that will keep you up to date on the public relations industry and the world in general.

The Skinny

PR News created a newsletter for the communication industry, covering everything from social media, to traditional public relations, to crisis management and even technology. It’s a great go-to source for aspiring communication professionals. Knowing how to communicate effectively is a great tool for any career, and The Skinny will help you do just that.

Muck Rack Daily

Muck Rack Daily digests what real journalists are saying about top and breaking news stories, and breaks down all of the heavy details in an email. The newsletter covers trending topics, reporters’ social media and even journalism. The language is clever, easy to read and amusing.

The Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner is exactly what you think: it examines social media. The newsletter focuses on the latest social trends and provides articles, podcasts and overall marketing news. It is imperative PR professionals understand the growing uses of social media through resources like this as it is constantly evolving. If you fall in love with the newsletter, they also have a podcast, weekly show and YouTube channel.

The Skimm

This newsletter is a personal favorite of mine and one I read every single morning. The Skimm provides concise news updates each morning in a witty style. From pop culture moments to worldwide politics, the Skimm keeps you informed about anything and everything newsworthy. It’s the perfect source to read in the morning and start your day off informed. 

The Morning Brew

The Morning Brew is very similar to the Skimm as a daily email newsletter, but it focuses more on business updates rather than general news. It’ll keep you informed about need-to-know business news and will give it to you in a fun way.

Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is a combination of all things concerning PR and marketing. Articles are sent directly to your email with topics ranging from key PR practices, client information, work life and professional development. The articles are posted on the website for free where fellow readers can engage with each other.


The WIRED is “no-nonsense briefing” on the most important technology, science and business coverage. Although this newsletter doesn’t specifically focus on PR, it’s vital to know how emerging technologies can affect culture and society in general. Choose from a daily, weekly or weekend subscription rate for what best fits your needs.

Easily subscribe to any (or all) of these newsletters to learn a little industry and life knowledge each day. It’ll not only prepare you for a career in public relations, but keep you educated on everything important that’s happening in the world.