How to Master Your LinkedIn Profile

By Lydia Coffman 

A LinkedIn account is imperative to connect with professionals, and the application is easily accessible on your computer or any mobile device.

As Grady students look towards the professional world, the need for personal branding becomes more and more essential. How can you impress future employers online? LinkedIn is a social media networking platform that has gained popularity amongst business professionals across the globe. LinkedIn is constantly updating features so that users can accurately advertise their career highlights and build their personal brand. Here are 10 tips and tricks for every LinkedIn user to ensure that their profile perfectly showcases their education, experiences, skills and more.

Include Keywords:

Do you have your LinkedIn profile completely up to date? Take some time to ensure that you have answered all of the platform’s prompts. Boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with similar keywords, phrases and at least three skills. 

Pick a Picture:

A professional profile picture, like a headshot, shows that you mean business. Avoid photos that are unclear and blurry. Although you may have more group photos than solo shots, employers want to see you. Make sure that your face is the only one visible in your profile picture. You can also make use of the banner photo to include an image that pertains to your field of interest or education. 

Customize your URL:

LinkedIn automatically gives users a URL link. Edit your URL so that it is clear and concise. You want your URL to be identifiable to search engines. Click here for instructions on how to update your URL.

Provide Contact Details:

Your email should be easily identifiable on your page to increase your visibility to profile viewers. It should be easy for people to find you. The “Contact Info” section of your profile and your bio are great places to display your contact information.

Start Connecting:

Rather than adding as many people as possible, create meaningful connections with users to help you grow professionally. With this in mind, it is ideal to have at least 500 connections to make your profile look professional. You can achieve this by sending invitations, commenting on posts and getting in touch with alumni. Reach out to people and organizations that interest you. LinkedIn Groups are another resource for finding people to connect with and to help you reach those 500 connections. 

Be Cohesive:

Consider including the same profile picture on all of your social media platforms. By using the same image, keywords and headlines, you can increase your visibility and recognition for professionals and employers viewing any of your social media accounts. 

Post Consistently:

Did you just land your first internship? What about that interesting article you read? Did you start a new job or leadership position? Posting regularly is an excellent way to engage with your connections and keep them up to date with your accomplishments. 

Write a Strong Summary: 

LinkedIn gives you 2,000 characters to describe your professional endeavors. Think of the summary as an “about” section. Utilize this space with “show not tell” language and varied sentence construction. Do not forget to include keywords. Introduce yourself, illustrate your experiences and interests and call the reader to action by grabbing their attention. 

Check Your Resume: 

Your experiences in your LinkedIn profile should parallel what you list on your resume. Use your resume as a guide to verify that all of your professional work is included on your page. You can also learn how to upload your resume to your LinkedIn page here.

Add Skills:

Do not limit your skills to the “Skills and Endorsements” section. Instead, scatter your skills throughout your profile. Your most marketable skills can also be reflected in your headline and summary. The “Skills and Endorsements” section allows up to 50 skills, but only display your top three to profile viewers. Select your most valuable skills to put in this section. 


LinkedIn is a great resource for job hunting, professional relationships and personal brand development. Use these tips and tricks to not only optimize your profile, but also your personal brand!