Favorite Grady Courses and Popular Professors 

By: Becca Albright

Grady is like a family. All students are more than happy to answers questions or give advice to younger students and peers.

Getting accepted into Grady is an exciting and intimidating time for students.  The time soon comes to register for classes, and most people scramble to ask peers or older students what they recommend. Rate My Professor is a go-to for many students but how reliable can that feedback be? We are here to help by highlighting many Grady students’ favorite classes and popular professors!

Multiple Grady students were surveyed and asked what their favorite Grady course has been so far. A common answer was Public Relations Communications with Tom Cullen. Raynor Manley is a third-year majoring in public relations with double minors in general business and communication studies. She said that this course was “the first Grady class that taught me tangible skills I need for the PR world,” she elaborated “I got to put together an entire media kit by working with a real-life client, which was awesome, and I can keep it to show future employers”. Grady prioritizes their students by providing them with professors that are eager for their students to succeed and want to provide them with hands-on experience. Manley stressed that Professor Cullen is known for “forming personal relationships with each student one-on-one and truly wanting us to be the best.”

Grady is special because it provides students with the opportunity to build their resume and produce a plethora of work that can be added to portfolios and referenced in interviews. Jayne Kay is a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in design and media. She stated, “Public Relations Communication was relevant to the workplace, and you got to work with an actual client and create a full PR report.” She further stated, “I’ve used this report for all of my interviews.” Building a reliable and strong portfolio is important for any student and being able to produce this work in class is helpful for both your education and your future. 

Another popular class was Communication Law with Dr. Peters. Taylor Hearn is a fourth-year journalism major pursuing a certificate in sports media and a minor in communication studies. She stated, “This class meant a lot to me. It almost made me want to go to law school.” Hearn detailed, “I learned so much about the legal side of journalism that I never knew about.” Sometimes classes can surprise you and allow you to discover an interest you never knew you had. While it can be intimidating to take a class you know little about, going in with an optimistic attitude and determination to work hard will make all the difference. 

Planning out your future classes can be a stressful time for any student whether this is your first time registering or your last. Determining what classes and professors are the best fit for you can put a lot of pressure on you. A majority of older students are willing to give advice and guidance and want you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out to older students, peers or friends if you need help choosing a class or knowing which professor to take. Feel free to ask any PRSSA E-board members, Committee Heads or even other members for advice as well. Feel free to send a direct message, ask after a meeting or even send a message in the members GroupMe! While this next registration period is approaching, remember to ask for guidance and do what you can to help reach your full potential. 

PRSSA hopes you all have a great Spring Break and an enjoyable, needed break from school. We will see you on March 15th for our Corporate Communications Panel!