A Crisis Communication Panel featuring Lindsey Deutsch, Sarah McRae, Maddie Fiorante and Caitlin Oh, moderated by Grady Professor Tom Cullen

By: Raynor Manley

Meet our Panelists!! 

Lindsey Deutsch: 

  • Czarnowski, Account manager
    • However, she is transitioning positions after this week to Saatchi & Saatchi! 

Sarah McRae: 

  • Kitty and Vibe, Assistant brand manager

Maddie Fiorante:

  • WE Communications, Assistant account executive

Caitlin Oh:

  • Emory University, Second-year law student


Our very own Grady professor, Tom Cullen specializes in teaching public relations writing and communication. He also serves as Program Manager to the Crisis Communication Coalition (CCC). Tom was gracious enough to moderator our panel of past interns from the Crisis Communication Coalition who helped plan the Think Tank a few years ago. All current ADPR students should apply to this in-person networking opportunity, the UGA Crisis Communication Think Tank. Selected students will have the chance to meet members of this thought leadership group, comprised of crisis management practitioners and scholars. This event will take place on Thursday, April 14, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at Grady College. If interested in applying, email Professor Tom Cullen (tcullen(at)uga.edu) by March 4. You must include a single paragraph, outlining your interest in this opportunity and responses will be selected on their reasoning for qualification and the quality of the writing demonstrated in the application email. Please reach out to Tom Cullen with any questions and don’t miss out on this great networking opportunity. 


Each of our panelists were Grady students who were interns for the Crisis Communication Coalition. Lindsey served as a Graphic Design Intern where she created graphics for the coalition. Sarah served as a Crisis Communication Think Tank Intern where she assisted with planning the main event, scheduling webinars and wrote articles among many other tasks. Maddie served as a Crisis Communication Think Tank Special Projects Intern where she helped plan the Think Tank event and media lists of industry professionals to attend. Caitlin was a Crisis Communication Think Tank Intern and she helped plan the event and helped make sure it’s planning was effective and everything went smoothly, among other tasks.  

Advice from our panelists: 

  • Pay attention in your classes because the skills you learn, specifically in Tom Cullen’s PR Communication class and Dr. Jin’s Crisis Communication will serve you in your future career in many ways.
  • Study abroad if possible! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that will stick with you for the rest of your life.
  • One of the most important skills you’ll learn while in Grady is to be concise in your writing and getting your meaning across. Being concise is a talent not everyone has and this talent sets Grady students apart from others. 
  • Figuring out a balance while in college and in post grad life is key. Don’t over commit yourself to too many things. Quality over quantity. 
  • Working with a team in your classes is useful because everyone comes from a different perspective and background and everyone is able to focus on their different skills to make a great project. This also gives you real life agency experience. 
  • It’s okay to take a step back and set boundaries for yourself when you need it. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Make sure to leave time for yourself and things you enjoy doing. 
  •  Invest in relationships while in college with advisors, professors and peers. 
  • Build trust, you want your peers and coworkers to know that they can trust and rely on you. 
  • Time management is very important and the earlier you learn not to procrastinate the better. Life happens and it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. 
  • Be open-minded when you graduate! You never know if the job you didn’t originally think you wanted could end up being your favorite job.
  • Stay versatile and adapt your skills and learn new skills.
  • Use your resources and Grady alumni, they are always happy to help! 
  • Be confident! Confidence is key. 


Feel free to connect with our speakers on LinkedIn or email them any questions! 

Lindsey Deutsch: Lindsey Deutsch on LinkedIn and deutschlindsey(at)gmail.com 

Maddie Fiorante: Maddie Fiorante on LinkedIn and mfiorante(at)we-worldwide.com 

Sarah McRae: Sarah McRae on LinkedIn and sarah.mcrae(at)kittyandvibe.com 

Caitlin Oh: Caitlin Oh on LinkedIn and caitlin.oh(at)emory.edu