What PRSSA Means To Me: Dolores Trobradovic 

By: Raynor Manley

Dolores Trobradovic currently serves as the Digital Media Director on this year’s executive board. She manages all of UGA PRSSA’s social media accounts and produces content to post on each channel. She also leads the Social Media Committee.  Continue reading for a Q&A with Dolores about her involvement with PRSSA, how her position has benefited her and why she loves PRSSA!

Meet Dolores: Dolores is a third-year PR and international affairs double major and is also minoring in German. She currently serves as PRSSA’s Digital Media Director.

Q:  How did you hear about PRSSA? 

A: When I was getting ready to apply to Grady, I was looking for ways to get really involved in my major and kind of figure out what PR really was so I remember asking my advisor if there were any clubs I could join, and he pointed me in the direction of PRSSA!

Q: How/when did you get involved with PRSSA?

A: I got involved during my first semester of sophomore year. But it is never too early or too late to join.

Q: What have your different experiences been with PRSSA, different positions, etc? 

A: When I first joined my sophomore year, I served on the Public Relations committee. On the PR committee, I helped make graphics and promote PRSSA to other Grady and UGA students. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and doing actual PR work for the club so when elections came around, I decided to become more involved and ran for Digital Media Director.

Q: Why do you think having these positions was helpful? 

A: I think these positions really helped motivate me to get excited about my future career. It was really difficult for me as a sophomore during COVID, because I really didn’t know anything about PR, but my positions have definitely helped me learn more about it and improve my skills.

Q: What is it like being on the exec board and what skills have you developed from this leadership position?

A: Being on this executive board has been so much fun! I have always gravitated towards leadership positions, and I really do love being our Digital Media Director. I truly enjoy being able to use my creativity for our social media posts as well as getting to work with my committee. This position has taught me a lot about how to delegate tasks and manage my time better. 

Q: How has your position prepared you for the real word/ work force? 

A: Being our Digital Media Director has definitely taught me about the power of social media really seriously. There are so many little things that go on behind the scenes when crafting a social media post and I have learned how to be more detail oriented. Time management has also been such a big skill that this position has taught me that I will definitely take with me into my future career.

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for students who are thinking about joining and getting involved in PRSSA? 

A: Join a committee!! It is such a great way to get real experience not only to put on your resume but also to make you feel more confident applying to different jobs or internships. Joining a committee last year really helped open up the whole world of PR for me, so I recommend that everybody apply immediately!!


Thank you, Dolores, for sharing a little bit about your experience with PRSSA and for all you do for us! You’re a rockstar!! You can apply to a committee here! We have many different committees and encourage applying to one, even if you don’t have a lot of experience yet. Applications close TODAY so get your application in by midnight!

PRSSA is a family and a great way to make connections, meet friends and fellow Grady students and grow your skills. Follow us on our social media @ugaprssa and please reach out with any questions! Apply to be a general member as well before it’s too late, here! We would LOVE to have you and we are excited for the great semester ahead!