AdPR Connection Prep Meeting

By Mia Bonfiglio

It is AdPR Connection week and our meeting on November 7th helped kick start preparation for many students. Samantha Meyer, Director of Experiential Programs, spoke on her best tips to prepare for the day. 

Preparing for the day:

It is essential to know your goals. Are you interested in networking or do you have a tangible hiring goal for internships and jobs? Knowing the employers and researching who is attending will help you be prepared to navigate the fair. Before heading in, strategize who you will seek out first. Meyer advises not to speak to your favorite company first so that you can get acclimated first. Make sure to wear business professional attire.

What to research:

Samantha Meyer advising students on how to prepare for AdPR Connection.

AdPR Connection has a list of employers attending. Go to their websites and LinkedIn to see if they have current openings. Read the job descriptions and see if you have relevant experience. Check up on the weekly job and internship newsletter, sent by Meyer, for more opportunities.

Networking conversation and strategies:

For your elevator pitch, it is important to touch on your name, major, year in school and what you are seeking out. Next, highlight experience or any specific roles held and what skills you gained from it. It is important to compare how their role aligns and inquire for more details.

Throughout your time at the fair, if you do not know something about a specific company, step outside and look up any information you can find before approaching. It is important to not ask anything that can be found on their website. After speaking to someone, take brief notes on the conversation and who you spoke to, as well as following up via email or LinkedIn within 24-48 hours after the fair.