PR 2024 Ins & Outs

By Riley Mason 

The new year is a time for setting goals. Recently on TikTok and other platforms, users have been participating in the “ins and outs” trend, where they share what they are taking with them into the new year and what they are leaving behind. The trend can apply to just about any aspect of life, even PR. 

Public relations is an ever-changing field that is embracing the newest technologies and programs. In a Forbes article titled, “Six Trends In Public Relations To Watch Out For In 2024” by Jenna Guarneri, the public relations “ins” for 2024 are described along with the necessary steps to take when keeping up with the trends. Here are a few of those “ins”: 

A Human Approach 

Connecting with your audience on a more personable and authentic level is the first “in” of 2024. Humanizing a brand or company is more appealing to consumers who are craving that type of interaction.

Social Media 

Social media presence has been on the rise for some time now, but in the year 2024, it is more prevalent than ever to build this workspace. Pushing marketing, creating content and sharing ideas  are all present and applicable to social media. Building skills and a creative portfolio through social media is an important 2024 “in.”

Data-Driven PR 

Price, a second-year PR student, working on upscaling her Adobe Creative Cloud skill set.

Analytics and insight into a campaign or brand are becoming increasingly important, especially in 2024. Using programs that provide data based on consumer activity or insights into indicators for a brand or company are skills needed for 2024.


What about public relations “outs” for 2024? In a Prowly article titled, “Top PR Trends and Predictions for 2024” by Kamila Hanson, the trends that will become a thing of the past are explained. Here are a few of those “outs”: 

X (previously known as Twitter) 

New and emerging social media platforms are taking over the digital space that once was Twitter. Using X is not going to be as effective as other platforms when strategizing or campaigning in 2024. PR is an ever-changing field and the platforms that are prevalent in PR are no exception. 

Mass Email Pitching  

Personalizing communication is becoming more sought-after by companies and journalists. Creating authentic messages instead of a giant email blast will be more professional and efficient in 2024. The mass email will make its way out this year. 

AI-Generated Content 

Authenticity is the core theme for PR in 2024 and artificial intelligence does not make the cut. The human approach to a press release or pitch includes emotion and intellect that AI may not be able to conceive. While AI is an “out,” understanding how to use it effectively and accurately is the strategy that PR students and professionals should take with them into 2024.