How to stay strong through the end of the semester:

By: Olivia Bateman

With summer on the horizon the end of the semester can seem like a time to relax and focus on the next season but with finals looming overhead it needs to be a time of concentration. Here are seven tips on how to stay strong through the end of the semester.

1. Schedule friends in

The end of the semester usually means long hours studying and working on group projects. I often get to May and realize that I have not hung out with some of my friends since March. I have begun scheduling in my friends at times that I have free. For example, I have Saturday mornings free and invite friends over for breakfast. It has been such a fun time to talk to people and then I can study for the rest of the day.

2. Keep track of all the assignments left

A tip I use to keep up with the assignments I have left is to put all of my assignments into my reminders app and then check them off as I turn them in. This has been great to keep up with all of the things I have left from any location.

3. Prioritize sleep

In college, we usually sacrifice sleep first. However, I find that when I make a strict bedtime and wake up consistently I feel a lot better. It may not be the most sleep every night but my body gets used to it and I feel more rested overall. Having a regular sleep schedule keeps me from wasting my time during the day napping.

4. Find a study space that works for you

If you haven’t already this semester, find a study space that you enjoy being in. Are you the type of student who needs peace and quiet? Go to the top of the library. Are you the student who likes being alone in public places? Use our previous blog on coffee shops to find one in Athens that works for you.

5. Ask for help

UGA is a huge school and while we love it for that, you have to make an effort to get to know your teacher more than our friends at smaller schools. Go to office hours and just ask your teacher about their life and what their career has been like or how you could improve your assignments for your portfolio. Getting to know your teachers helps down the line when you will need letters of recommendation for internships and jobs.

6. Get moving

Whether it’s going to Ramsey, working out in your room or walking to class instead of taking the bus. Get moving and take some time to be alone and not worry about school.

7. Keep up with the industry

Joining a group like PRSSA keeps you up to date with the industry and internship opportunities. Carving out this time every other week takes the pressure off of doing it all by yourself and could connect you to an internship for the summer. Also, getting to know your peers outside of class can give you more of an incentive to go to class towards the end of the semester.