Ansley McLendon, Director of Internal Communications

By Mimi Cooper 

Boasting more than 200 members, University of Georgia’s PRSSA Drewry Chapter is one of the largest chapters in the country. The chapter consists of well-rounded, driven and accomplished students interested in the field of public relations and communications. Ansley McLendon, a new PRSSA member and executive board member, is no exception.

McLendon is an intended public relations student who transferred from Georgia Southern University this past fall. Although technically a sophomore at UGA, she spent two years at GSU before she switched to UGA for the exceptional PR program within Grady.

McLendon has loved her first semester at UGA, even during a transition in a pandemic. She has found that Grady professors offer a high level of professionalism and still try to create a positive learning experience with virtual classes. 

With such an unconventional journey to both UGA and PRSSA, McLendon understands the importance of building a network of peers and friends wherever you are. Her advice to students is to get as involved as possible.

“You just have to put yourself out there,” she said. “Once you put yourself out there, whether it’s on a committee, as a committee head or on exec board, literally anything is possible.”

McLendon has also felt welcome at UGA from joining PRSSA where she currently serves as the director of internal communications. She acts as the liaison between PRSSA’s executive board and its faculty advisor, Kim Landrum. McLendon meets weekly with Landrum to keep everyone up-to-date on necessary tasks and tries to keep up morale whenever she can.

As a transfer, McLendon applied for the exec board not expecting a place for her, but mostly wanting to get her name out there. However, the former exec board saw what she could offer with a fresh perspective within PRSSA and welcomed her to the team.

It’s clear to see why. Bubbly, open and passionate about PR, McLendon is the perfect addition to the executive board. She has already made many friends within PRSSA and has been welcomed with open arms.

She found her passion for public relations through a semester-long internship at Walt Disney World Resort. While working in attractions at Space Mountain, she fell in love with communications and all the ways it can and should work.

“There were so many lines of work where you had to communicate something to someone so that it would flow better,” McLendon said. “It made me realize how much communications actually plays a role in every single career you can do.”

Her experience at Disney allowed her to learn professional and life skills and even inspired her to take a chance and apply/transfer to UGA. Her experience at Disney was so positive that she sees herself going back to Disney in the future. Her dream role would be to work in government relations for Disney.

McLendon has already made a mark within PRSSA as director of internal communications and has so much more to offer with the rest of her time at UGA. We are lucky to have her and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year (and more) has in store for her.