Why I Joined PRSSA:

By: Ashley Byer

While reflecting on my years at UGA thus far, joining PRSSA is something that sticks out to me right away. As a junior, I have participated in my fair share of career fairs, club meetings and extra credit opportunities. However, none of them have been as helpful to me as joining PRSSA. 

I joined PRSSA as a freshman, just after switching my major from psychology to public relations. I didn’t really know what public relations even was; I just knew I loved connecting and communicating with other people and have loved to write since I was little. I was so nervous going to my first meeting not knowing what to expect, but as soon as I heard the executive board start talking, I felt more at home. It was comforting to be surrounded by people with the same passions and interests as me.

One of my favorite things about PRSSA is the opportunity to connect with UGA alumni who work in the PR industry. With new guest speakers at almost every meeting, members learn so much from former Bulldogs. These connections oftentimes turn into internship or job opportunities, or even just lifelong bonds. One of my favorite speakers was from my freshman year when Anne Noland, the Communications Strategist for the New England Patriots at the time, spoke to us via Zoom. She inspired me to minor in sports management, and I still keep in touch with her today. The connections and networking gained through PRSSA are so valuable and unique compared to other clubs on UGA’s campus. 

My friend, Lena Soenke, who currently serves as Vice President, knew she wanted to join PRSSA before she was even enrolled at UGA. When she came for a tour her senior year of high school, she met with a Grady representative who told her about PRSSA. She loved the way current members talked about their experiences within PRSSA, and it made her excited to become a member and get involved as soon as she got on campus. 

Joining PRSSA has been extremely helpful to me in preparing for my future endeavors in public relations. I am so excited to be on the content committee this year, expanding my experience and connections even more with all the members. I highly recommend joining PRSSA to anyone interested in the world of public relations and looking to gain experience, knowledge, advice and friendships. 


Do you want to have an amazing experience like Ashley? Join PRSSA to gain experience, knowledge and advice from PR professionals. Joining PRSSA, also gives you exclusive access to internship opportunities, our member GroupMe and more! Membership closes on November 1st, which is quickly approaching. Apply now, so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity! You can even apply for a committee if you want to get even more involved! Committee applications close on November 2nd. Get involved as early as possible and join PRSSA! We would LOVE to have you!

Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, October 19th at 6:30 in Studio 100! This meeting features Samantha Meyer and Whitney Denney who will be talking all things resumes, interviewing, networking and helping us prepare for ADPR Connection. This meeting is open to all students, regardless of major, we hope to see you there! The meeting will also be streamed on Zoom for students who are unable to attend in person.