Talking Dog Agency provides real-world experience for bright students

By Mimi Cooper

Talking Dog Agency is a student-run organization within the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Made up of primarily public relations and advertising majors, this organization is run by 98 bright and motivated Grady students.

But Talking Dog is no ordinary club; they create campaigns for real world clients. Students work on campaigns for clients such as Second Helpings Atlanta, Porsche Driving School, Coca-Cola and numerous Athens businesses.

“Working with the students at Talking Dog was the best business decision we have made to date!” said Ken Manring, a former Talking Dog client from White Tiger Gourmet. “Our team was insightful, creative, inspired, knowledgeable and a real joy to work with. They made changes to our business that will improve how we work for years to come.”

Students create websites, redo logos and plan effective campaigns that include social media marketing, event planning and graphics. They do in-depth research to enhance clients’ brand and media presence. Members get to see the results of their efforts through these strategies.

Within Talking Dog, students are divided up into teams. Each team works with a single client.

There are six roles within one team:

  1.     Account Executive – acts as the liaison between the team and the client
  2.     Project Manager – makes sure everyone has what they need to meet their deadline
  3.     Digital Specialist – handles the client’s social media and website
  4.     Art Director – makes graphics, helps with rebranding and creating campaigns
  5.     Copywriter – writes the digital content, brainstorms ideas for campaigns
  6.     PR Specialist – handles the client’s image and publicity

Each team is different because every client has different needs, every member has a different approach, and each role and its responsibilities may vary. However, the team must work together throughout the entire process. 

 “Talking Dog is special because it’s a community,” says Roseann Chi, the co-director of member relations. “We aren’t just a club where people come in for a meeting and leave. We genuinely care for each person, and we want those in our group to feel comfortable to speak out.”

Talking Dog creates passion and creativity through their projects and prepares members for a life in the industry outside of college. Talking Dog continues to push boundaries on what a typical organization at UGA looks like.

For more information about Talking Dog, visit their website or follow them on Twitter (@TalkingDogUga), Facebook (@Talking Dog Agency) and Instagram (@talkingdogagency).