ADPR NYC: Experience and Exploration Internship Program Spotlight 

By: Sara Lawrence

Studying abroad, whether domestically or internationally, is an amazing opportunity that all students should consider, allowing you to complete coursework or pursue internships while experiencing life in a new city or country. Grady College has study abroad programs that operate domestically in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., along with various others overseas. 

The ADPR NYC: Experience and Exploration Internship Program is one of Grady’s newest domestic programs in which 12 students pursue an eight-week internship while also completing an advertising and public relations course in New York City. Anna Cate Puchalski is a third-year public relations student and PRSSA member who participated in the intensive ADPR NYC Internship Program this past summer. Anna Cate shared with us all about what her incredible experience entailed and taught her: 

Anna Cate Puchalski (far left) was one of the 12 students who participated in the very first ADPR NYC: Experience and Exploration Internship Program.

Why did you choose this study abroad? 

“I was actually planning on going to Innsbruck and had randomly started the application for ADPR NYC and never finished it. When Professor Watson emailed students to remind us of the deadline, I completed it and got accepted. I chose this opportunity because this was the first year of the program, so only 12 of us have ever been on it which is really cool.” 

What did your internship look like? 

“My internship was with a PR agency called Red Havas. I pitched and secured local and national media placements, developed a final project in the health and wellness space, did weekly and monthly reports, learned and applied news tracking techniques, created client briefings and built media lists. I did various things that were very essential to my skillset as a professional. It was really amazing to have that opportunity at 20 years old.” 

What were the most valuable skills you took away from the experience? 

“I learned how to be a team player and work in a real-world environment, which was a wonderful opportunity, especially in NYC. The most valuable skill I took away from the experience as a whole was definitely independence. I recommend living in New York as a college student because it teaches you a level of independence you’ve never had before and really shows you your capabilities as a professional and as a person.” 

What was your favorite part about your time in New York City? 

“My favorite part of this summer was the people. I went into the program knowing nobody, but I loved my roommate and always had someone to go to events with. The best program event was our opening event with Professor Watson, who flew to New York to have dinner with us. It was a really great experience to reflect with him and talk about the city.”

Why do you think it was beneficial for you to do an internship in a different city like New York rather than closer to home? 

“New York is the hub for public relations, and it’s such a hotspot that being there puts you out in the world and helps you get a feel for what you’re actually going to do. I grew so much more from being in a competitive environment like New York rather than in Athens or even Atlanta, because I knew that I was out of my comfort zone.” 

Would you recommend this study abroad to other Grady students? 

“I would highly recommend this program. I learned so much about myself, and I grew so much in my professional development skills. It was 100% out of my comfort zone but such a rewarding experience.” 

The ADPR NYC Internship Program is an excellent chance to immerse yourself into professional work and life in a different environment that is also one of the most prominent cities for the public relations field in the world. Make sure you start looking into study abroad and internship opportunities for Summer 2023 to secure your spot in one of Grady’s programs!