• Disney Channels Worldwide
    23 September, 2014

    Disney Meeting Recap.

    Recap from PRSSA Meeting – Disney; Rachel Harper Fox Graduated from UGA in 1997; military brat. When she attended UGA Dave Matthews played at her pl...
  • 0714_Drifters_PromoPanel
    23 September, 2014

    The Branding Agency – Fish Hippie ...

    The Brandon Agency, an integrated adverting agency.  We have a new client called Fish Hippie, which is a rapidly growing southeastern-based company w...
  • typing
    4 September, 2014

    FATW: 25 ways to tighten your writing

    Writers rarely spit out their best copy on the first draft. (If you meet a writer who claims to have the secret for doing so, please let the rest of...
  • committee copy
    24 August, 2014

    Committee Application

  • Stop-Blurr-199x300
    15 August, 2014

    FATW: Tragedy Is Not A PR Opportunity

    The PRSA public relations team is charged with doing public relations for the public relations industry, a monumental task on any given day maybe – ...