the precedent

The PRecedent is the UGA Drewry Chapter's monthly publication about all things PRSSA, the PR industry and Grady College. Our Publications Editor, Jensen Strandberg, and Publications Committee Lead, Sam Glover, work with their committee to produce interesting and relevant content to keep Drewry chapter members and alumni updated on our chapter and the PR industry.

Check out past issues of the PRecedent below.

An in-depth look at the Global Grady experience, how to stay relevant on social media in 2018, how crisis communication played a role in the false missile warning in Hawaii, and creative PR from the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Two of our executive board members take on PRSSA National Conference in Boston, Apple's iPhone X and what it means for Tech PR, how to pick your perfect PR fit, and political campaigns in the digital age.

Our spring agency tours in Washington, D.C., a breakdown of Generation Z, the Bateman Team's "Know The Five" campaign, and the trend of companies commenting on political issues.

The death of the Vine app and what it means for PR, how to be a flexible PR practitioner, study abroad opportunities with Grady College, and how the "Free The Girls" campaign has taken over on campus.

What we learned from our student internship panel, Grady's new crisis communication coalition, Pokemon Go's effect on the future of PR, and thoughts on the University of Georgia's new logo.

PRSSA takes on Washington, D.C., how to use public relations in the non-profit industry, the up-and-coming virtual reality trend, and a recap of our members' experience at the PR Real World Conference.

The recent Equifax crisis case, a closer look at the PR behind UGA Football, lessons from the new 'Wonder Woman' movie, and a spotlight on everyone's favorite AdPR Department Head.

How to land your dream summer internship, what kinds of materials you need in your portfolio, what to expect from social media in 2017, and how to prepare for your next interview.

Our fall agency tours in Athens, crisis communications during Hurricane Matthew, exciting new clients for the Creative Consultants team, and how social media played a role in the 2016 elections.

Where our new Drewry chapter graduates are getting hired, PR turmoil in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Grady and PRSSA mentorship opportunities, and where our members are headed this summer.

A recap of our Atlanta agency tours, how to land a summer internship and where to start, what "social media marketing" really means, and introducing Grady's Masters in Emerging Media program.