UGA PRSSA Content Committee’s Thanksgiving Traditions

By: Ashley Byer

Happy Thanksgiving from UGA PRSSA!! The semester is finally coming to a close, which is crazy. The content committee has spent some time getting to know each other and how each of our families celebrate the holidays. Let’s take a look at some of the PRSSA content committee’s favorite Thanksgiving traditions. 


Freshman Molly Gilarde and her family spend their Thanksgiving in a penthouse of a convent because her great aunt is a nun. Her dad is one of seven siblings, and all of them, their cousins and their families celebrate together. The convent is the only place all 50 of them will fit!

Molly Gilarde

Raynor Manley, junior and Director of Content, gets together with her family for Thanksgiving lunch instead of the typical Thanksgiving dinner. They eat the same type of foods as a normal Thanksgiving dinner, just at lunch time. After the meal, her family watches the Thanksgiving Day Parade and football and plays games together.

Raynor Manley 

Sophomore and Content Committee Head, Sara Lawrence’s family gets into the holiday spirit right after their meal by ending the day watching Christmas Vacation together.

Sara Lawrence

Becca Albright, a junior new to the content committee, celebrates Thanksgiving with her family by having everyone over to her house for the day to watch football, cook and eat a late dinner. After the meal, they all take a nap and get ready for Black Friday shopping the next day!

Becca Albright

Thanksgiving is one of my family’s favorite holidays to celebrate because of our unique traditions. Each year, we host a turkey fry event at our house where families bring their turkeys over to fry while hanging out with the others in attendance. We even made it into a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network one year. Also, we always make sure to fry a turkey for the local fire and policemen and women to show our appreciation for protecting our community, and even giving up holidays like Thanksgiving to serve our community.  Another fun tradition in my family is that all of the men wear orange pants on Thanksgiving! 

Ashley Byer 

What are your family’s Thanksgiving Traditions? Do you do anything unique or special? What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? Is it the food or watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade or just spending time with family? We would love to hear your answers! You can direct message them to our Instagram @ugaprssa or email them to ram62452(at)  

Join PRSSA Tuesday, November 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Peyton Anderson Forum for our end-of-semester holiday social! We will provide refreshments and enjoy holiday-themed activities, as well as give members an opportunity to connect with their peer mentorship group. This will be our final meeting of the semester, so you will not want to miss it!