Your guide to keeping informed with the world of PR

By Denali Lerch

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

Living and working in a society with ever-growing media, there are plenty of tools and resources at our disposal that can help future public relations professionals get a headstart in the field. Various podcasts, blogs and Twitter accounts share personal tips and tricks that are available for aspiring media specialists to learn as early as possible.

Here are some blogs, social media accounts and binge-worthy podcasts that can assist you in kickstarting your public relations career.

The “FuturePRoof” podcast

Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington co-host this podcast by looking at how the world of PR will appear in the future. Together, they dive into key industry issues and topics of discussion with their monthly premieres. They also give forward-thinking ideas and tips to help those who are looking to advance in their career in PR, so make sure to check out this podcast! 

Spin Sucks blog

This blog is well-known for posting many relevant posts about the issues PR professionals deal with in everyday life, such as search engine optimization tools and networking. For instance, their post on how to reduce bias in communication is insightful and full of examples that explain the importance of this practice. This blog’s main focus is how to help PR professionals and markets of all levels perform better at their jobs. 

PR Week podcast

PRWeek is a group of different podcasts that all pertain to PR and how to advance in the career. By presenting weekly discussions on the hot topics of public relations and communications, listeners of PR Week can stay up-to-date on current events that are crucial to the field. It also hosts various guests who have either started their own agencies or worked in different industries along those lines. 

Ragan’s PR Daily blog

This blog has an abundance of posts with advice related to media relations, crisis communications, social media, writing and more. There are plenty of professionals that share tips and experiences through these posts, such as the CEO of Edelman Richard Edelman sharing his opinion on his next steps with business-leaders. Not only are there opinion-related posts on this site, but it also keeps readers up-to-date with any noteworthy current events. 

Twitter user Ellen Gomes (@egomes1019)

Ellen Gomes is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Glint Inc., an online platform that increases employee engagement, retention and performance. Her Twitter account is full of helpful advice from someone with experience in different realms of PR, and she frequently tweets about current events and hot topics in marketing. She has experience in social media, public relations and content creation, making her advice on Twitter substantial across all categories.  

PRSay – The Voice of Public Relations

This list would not be complete without the mention of PRSay. It is one of the largest organizations for PR professionals, with a plethora of topics on current issues and relevant topics. For those who are already in the industry or students aspiring to be PR professionals, this blog provides various resources for their audience to succeed. 

It is never too early to start learning the insights of PR and getting involved in the conversations taking place. By using these educational resources, students and professionals can hear various forms of advice that can later be applied to their careers.