UGA PRSSA’s Guide to Grady Certificate Programs

By Jake Strickland 

Former UGA student and PRSSA fundraising committee chair Maria Stagliano participated in the PAC program and now works at Levick, a crisis communications firm in Washington DC.

The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications offers a diverse palette of classes and coursework that prepares its students for work in the twenty-first century media landscape. Along with its four distinct majors and assortment of Double Dawg opportunities, Grady also offers three unique certificate programs that allow for students to gain insights into different aspects of media that may be overlooked within the traditional curriculum. These certificate programs include the Grady Sports Media certificate, the New Media Certificate and the Public Affairs Professional Certificate. For anyone looking to broaden their understanding of twenty-first century media, look no further than these certificate programs.

Grady Sports Media Certificate

Who is that coming down the track? Everybody knows the SEC is king in Georgia– and so it is only fitting that Grady College should a first-of-its-kind sports media certificate within the Southeastern conference. Students enrolled in this program learn everything from the interplay of sport in media and society to sports broadcasting production. The certificate features six classes including Multiplatform Sports Storytelling, Sports Media Relations, and Sports Social and Digital Media Production. Such classes and coursework prepare students for the real-world, and alumni can be found working and interning for the NFL, NBA and ESPN.

The best part? Any University of Georgia undergraduate can apply. Please visit for more information.

New Media Certificate

We live in a digital age, there is no denying that. Employers are increasingly looking for applicants that can bring technological know-how to the table, and that is exactly what the New Media Certificate is designed to do. The largest of UGA’s certificate programs, the New Media Certificate trains its students in a variety of skillsets that make them invariably more competitive as they apply for jobs. These skillsets include web development, graphic design, project management and digital storytelling – just to name a few. In a world as fast-paced as ours, these talents will surely catch the eye of future employers, and that is why Grady hopes the New Media Certificate will catch your eye as you plan your college coursework.

Any University of Georgia undergraduate can apply. Please visit for more information.

Public Affairs Professional Certificate

It has been said that democracy is not a spectator sport, and public affairs communications is at the forefront of change making in this country. The Public Affairs Professional Certificate is the first program in the nation to provide undergraduate students with the necessary skills to thrive in this emerging field. Students enrolled in this program have the chance to pick up specialized communications skills aimed at “educating, shaping or changing public opinion on public policy, legislation, political candidates and issues.” Students will also have the chance to hear from an assortment of guest speakers with wide experience in the public affairs communications.

The program partners with the School of Public and International Affairs. Any Grady undergraduate who meets the admission criteria can apply. Please visit for more information.

These three Grady certificate programs provide students with invaluable insights into areas that are of particular interest to them. The author of this particular blog post is enrolled in the Public Affairs Professional Certificate program but has friends in all of the programs. One thing he can assure you: they all hold their certificates in high esteem. In as hustle-and-bustle a landscape as twenty-first century media, why not hone your efforts on an area of particular interest to you? It could really make all the difference.