By Abby Wells

Kristyn Hicks, a global employee engagement specialist at Delta, and Alison Geist, director of marketing and engagement at United Way of Northeast Georgia, visited PRSSA on Nov. 19 to discuss the difference between working in-house for a corporation versus working at an agency. 

While they both agreed that working at a corporate facility is a great opportunity, they stated practitioners will most likely have more exposure to different opportunities and industries at an agency. If someone is unsure of what industry they would like to practice, such as working for a non-profit, agency, or corporate, it’s recommended to work for an agency that offers various opportunities. 

One of the main differences between the two options, Hicks pointed out, is that corporate offices value long-term relationships. While it may take time to receive a promotion, they value loyalty and hard work. Geist said, “Never use the slowness of promotion as an excuse to stop pushing yourself.” 

Hicks also mentioned that she chose the corporate path because it offers a greater opportunity for mentorship and feedback. As someone who values criticism and feedback in order to improve, she appreciated the opportunity to work with people who helped guide her when she had questions. 

To conclude, Hicks and Geist returned to their first statement which is to be passionate about the company you are working for and make sure that their values align with yours. Hicks said, “Pursue what you care about personally.” 

Our next meeting is a Holiday Social on Dec. 3 in Studio 100 at 6:30 p.m. Members will bring unwrapped gifts in support of the two children we are sponsoring for the Angel Project, Timmy and Cheyanne. 

Until then, paid PRSSA members interested in public affairs are encouraged to apply for the DC Agency Tour that will take place Jan. 27-31. This event gives students the opportunity to meet PR professionals, communicators and government officials and tour various offices. Applications are due Dec. 15 and financial aid is available.