PRSSA learns about leadership from Valerie Touchstone and executive board candidates

ATHENS, Ga. (April 11, 2019) – PRSSA hosted Valerie Touchstone, of The Big Picture Inc., to explain the skill of leadership. The executive board candidates then shared what having a leadership role in PRSSA meant to them and explained their platforms.

Valerie shared that leadership is a skill to be learned and developed rather than a natural trait. Leadership, therefore, is an attainable skill for everyone as long as you work at it. She encouraged students to practice leadership now in class, clubs, and internships. This is a quality that companies are looking for and being able to talk about it in interviews and practice it on the job will make you stand out and be successful.

She explained, “charisma is not leadership and neither is being bossy, leadership is setting an example and holding people accountable with grace”.  

The candidates all explained how their leadership practice had prepared them to serve PRSSA. Many of the candidates gained experience and knowledge in committee positions in PRSSA. Taking advantage of these opportunities enabled them to mentor other students and form closer relationships with industry professionals. Other candidates explained how they had done communications for other campus groups and how a variety of experiences had given them the courage to run for exec.

Hearing from all of the candidates allowed for PRSSA members to make informed votes and gave them tips on how to develop leadership skills here at UGA. Each candidate wanted to use their involvement to give back to PRSSA because it had helped them develop into a leader and professional.

The next PRSSA event is the Senior Luncheon on April 30 in the Payton Anderson Forum.

About the John E. Drewry Chapter of PRSSA

The John E. Drewry Chapter of PRSSA at the University of Georgia is the largest chapter in the world with more than 250 active members. Named after the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication’s first dean, it was founded at the University in 1969. Currently, Kim Landrum is the faculty advisor and Lynn Harris Medcalf is the professional advisor.