Tom Cullen Joins the Grady Family

By Merryn Ruthling

Tom Cullen is a Public Relations Communications professor that just recently joined the Grady family as a full-time faculty member in August. Prior to his recent promotion, he served as a teaching assistant for several years. 

Originally from the United Kingdom, Cullen graduated from the University of Liverpool and came to the University of Georgia in 2015, where he earned his Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Cullen says his interest in AdPR stemmed from a fascination with how society and language interact. He currently works with undergraduate students to develop their writing and communication skills and serves as a faculty advisor for the University of Georgia’s Crisis Communication Coalition. 

As a faculty advisor, Cullen works with Dr. Reber and Dr. Jin to oversee four interns as they study crisis communication and related issues. Much of their recent work has involved the upcoming Crisis Communication Coalition website.

Maddie Fiorante, one of the interns on the team, values his work as an advisor. 

“I think Tom’s greatest strength as an advisor and teacher is that he is a gifted truth-teller,” Fiorante said. “He will never lie to you, and will always make his expectations clear. If he believes in you, he will make sure you know your talent and how to achieve everything you want.”

Meanwhile, Cullens’ primary teaching focus concerns writing and communication.

“It is essential that I continue to refine my own writing and identify relevant skills that could be brought into the classroom,” Cullen said. 

So far, he has enjoyed his time at UGA, especially in Grady. 

I really enjoy the community feel of UGA, especially here at the Grady College,” Cullen said. “It is not something I have encountered at many other schools. I am consistently impressed at the work produced by our student organizations; it is wonderful to see Grady students shine.”

As Cullen continues his public relations career, he is very focused on students and their success. 

The best part of my job is, without a doubt, the students,” Cullen said. “I have worked with so many ridiculously talented individuals since I joined Grady and I learn from students every day. Honestly – the worst day in this job is better than anything else I could be doing.” 

While Cullen has just begun his public relations journey at UGA, it is clear he is passionate about his work and will continue to benefit students and the Grady community as a whole as he continues his career.