Membership FAQ

We understand you might have a lot of questions about becoming a PRSSA member but we’ve got answers. National memberships through PRSSA are good for one calendar year and give you access to chapter and national conferences, meetings and resources. Once you graduate, PRSSA membership entitles you to a significantly reduced rate on a professional membership for two years.

How do I register to become a member?

Our membership application for the Fall Semester 2020 through Spring Semester 2021 is open now! Apply here.

To become a UGA PRSSA member, please fill out and submit the online form and then follow the link to pay your dues. As a UGA campus organization, we can not accept online or check payments. If you fill out the form but do not pay your dues, you are not a member and your membership is not valid for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Where does my money go?

Times are tough, money is tight. COVID-19 has thrown our industry and academic year for a loop. In response, UGA PRSSA student members will only be required to pay the base national dues and we are waiving our chapter dues of $10. In addition, the PRSSA national organization is having a flash sale. That means your annual dues will be $41.25 instead of the usual $65 for this year only.

How long is my membership valid?

Your membership is valid for one year so if you join in the fall of 2020 it will be valid through August of 2021.

Can I join anytime during the year?

No. The National PRSSA organization only offers membership enrollment twice a year (fall and spring).

What is the benefit of joining PRSSA?

While you are a student at UGA, chapter membership provides access to networking opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. With the largest chapter in the nation, UGA offers an excellent opportunity to meet other like-minded students looking to pursue a career in PR upon graduation. You will also have the opportunity to meet former Grady students now working in the industry as well as seasoned professionals looking to connect with students.

As a PRSSA member, you can use the PRSA Jobcenter and PRSSA Internship Center to find public relations employment opportunities all over the world. You also may join PRSA for just $60 a year as an Associate Member when you graduate, connecting you to 110 Chapters, 16 Professional Interest Sections and industry resources.