Introducing PRSSA’s 2022-2023 Executive Board

By: Mia Bonfiglio

PRSSA’s 2022-2023 Executive Board features Taylor Tuscai, Sarah Dorr, Sara Lawrence, Ansley McLendon, Sophie DiFusco, Raynor Manley, Dolores Trobradovic and Morgan Jones.

The heart and soul of PRSSA’s organization is our Executive Board. This year, eight women serve in different positions to lead the organization and its members. Here is a little bit about this year’s leaders!

Dolores Trobradovic, President 

Major: Public Relations and International Affairs

Minor/Certificate: German

Involvement: Dolores was a Cannes Lions study abroad participant and former DEI chairwoman for the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

Advice: “Don’t let a lack of confidence or experience hold you back. Both UGA and Grady have so many opportunities to get involved and gain experience, so make sure you take advantage of that.”

Dream job: Her dream job is to be a Chief Marketing Officer.

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “PRSSA has really shaped my experience at Grady. I have learned not only practical PR skills through my time on a committee and on exec, but also leadership skills. PRSSA has also given me some of my best friends at UGA, and I will forever be grateful for the people I have met through this organization.”

Favorite PRSSA memory: Her favorite PRSSA memories are hanging out with the Executive Board after meetings and creating TikToks together.

Sarah Dorr, Vice President

Major: Public Relations

Minor/Certificate: General Business, New Media and Public Affairs Communications certificates

Involvement: Sarah is a PAC Promotion Fellow, involved in TEDxUGA and an active member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the Peabody Student Collective.

Advice: She recommends studying abroad and taking advantage of UGA’s opportunities to explore and learn outside of Athens. “I made so many amazing memories and met the best people during my program in NYC this past summer.”

Dream job: Her dream job is to work in PR for Disney.

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “PRSSA has not only given me so many connections through our awesome speakers, but it has also really helped me grow as a leader. Our chapter is such a supportive environment where leaders are given the space to be challenged, make mistakes and grow.”

Favorite PRSSA memory: The fall kickoff meeting was a highlight of her time in PRSSA. “After the pandemic, I know we are all striving to connect with our peers again, so to see studio 100 full of new and returning faces was surreal.”

Raynor Manley, Director of Public Relations

Major: Public Relations, Integrated Advertising and PR Double Dawg 

Minor/Certificate: General Business, Communication Studies

Involvement: She serves as a Grady College Ambassador and is actively involved in Shop with a Bulldawg and UGA Greek Life. 

Advice: “Get involved as early as possible. No matter how small the involvement, it will be something to get your feet wet and allow you to discover your interests. It’s always better to learn what you do and don’t like earlier rather than later.”

Dream job: She hopes to work for a PR or marketing agency where she can combine her love of traveling and public relations. 

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “Not only have I found a family within Grady and made so many friends, but I’ve also gained confidence and learned a lot about myself personally and professionally. I’ve learned how many job opportunities PR offers, and I’ve learned how awesome the Grady alumni network is.”

Favorite PRSSA memory: “My favorite PRSSA memory has to be getting to know and becoming friends with the rest of the exec leaders. We have all become so close, and it has been so fun to take classes with the other girls, work on projects together and work on growing our PRSSA chapter together.” 

Sara Lawrence, Director of Content 

Major: Public Relations 

Minor/Certificate: Sociology, Communication Studies, New Media certificate

Involvement: Sara is a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and the Pi Sigma Epsilon business fraternity. She is also pursuing a public relations internship at Geiger & Associates Public Relations.

Advice: Sara advises students to network and get involved as much as they can. “PR is all about the connections you make, and having experience and involvement on your resume will give you a leg up in your job and internship search.” 

Dream job: She hopes to be a public relations coordinator for a global nonprofit because of her love for traveling and passion for making a difference with her work. 

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “PRSSA has allowed me to network with so many professionals from different areas of PR, which has allowed me to discover what I truly want to do with my career. It has also given me irreplaceable leadership opportunities, and most importantly, it has given me a family within Grady.”

Favorite PRSSA memory: Her favorite memory was the senior banquet last year. “It was so cool to hear the seniors talk about how much PRSSA meant to them and celebrate them as they graduated that Spring.” 

Sophie DiFusco, Director of Finance and Outreach

Major: Public Relations 

Minor/Certificate: Fashion Merchandising, New Media certificate

Involvement: Sophie is the Social Media Coordinator for Rescue Paws UGA and is on the marketing leadership team for UGA Miracle. She is also an active member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Wesley and Rouge Magazine.

Advice: “Get involved in things that interest you so you can gain experience. Classes won’t give you all the hands-on experience you want.”

Dream job: Working on the PR team for a designer fashion company is her dream job.

How has PRSSA impacted you?: PRSSA gave her a better understanding of the PR industry.“I wasn’t totally sure if I wanted to be a PR major, but the stories from people in the industry really inspired me to pursue a career in the field.” 

Favorite PRSSA memory: Her favorite memory was the holiday social last year, because it was an opportunity to get to know other PRSSA members. “It made me excited about this fun and social major.” 

Taylor Tuscai, Director of Member Relations

Major: Public Relations

Minor/Certificate: Spanish, General Business 

Involvement: Taylor is a Dance Dawg at UGA.

Advice: “Give yourself grace. College is a time to learn about yourself, and mistakes will be made. What really matters is how you grow from these mistakes because in the end, no one is perfect.” 

Dream job: Her dream job is to work at a renowned public relations and marketing agency in New York, specifically in the travel or food and beverage industry.

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “PRSSA has offered me incredible friendships and leadership roles that have shaped my professional and academic experience at UGA.”

Favorite PRSSA memory: Her favorite meeting was with Kevin Schatell, a producer for the NBC Today Show. She admired his passion for changing people’s lives and encouraging students to chase their dreams. 

Ansley McLendon, Director of Internal Communications

Major: Public Relations

Minor/Certificate: Political Science, Public Affairs certificate

Involvement: Along with PRSSA, Ansley serves as the Communications Assistant for the Lamar Dodd School of Art.

Advice: Ansley advises students to get involved on campus. “Joining a club and actively participating allows for opportunities to network and gain experience.” 

Dream Job: Her dream job is to manage PR or public affairs for a major corporation, such as the Walt Disney Company.

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “PRSSA has benefited me professionally by leading a committee and being on exec. I have notable experience to add to my resume and portfolio, and it has also built my network. PRSSA alumni are everywhere in the industry and have helped me land a job with Cox Enterprises.”

Favorite PRSSA memory: Her favorite PRSSA memory was also the meeting with Kevin Schatell from the Today Show. 

Morgan Jones, Social Media Director

Major: Public Relations

Minor/Certificate: Sociology, New Media certificate

Involvement: Morgan works for an SEO service company, Bipper Media, located in Athens. She writes content for their clients and personal articles. She also serves downtown.

Advice:My advice for students is to trust that you have the skills and expertise to succeed in your classes and your future career. It’s easy to have imposter syndrome and feel like you’re behind, but your path looks different than others. It’s okay to do things at your own pace and set your own goals even if they look different than others.” 

Dream job: Working in the tech PR world is Morgan’s dream career. “I want to help companies and businesses grow their digital reach through SEO, digital media and web development.”

How has PRSSA impacted you?: “PRSSA helped solidify my choice to major in public relations. It also helped me grow more confident in branding myself as a strong candidate for internships.” She used the skills that she learned from speakers at PRSSA to land her current position at Bipper Media.

Favorite PRSSA memory: The Classic City Tour is her favorite memory. Through PRSSA, a group of students went to See Spark Go and Hinge Creative Co. to see what a typical day was like working at both companies. 



Being on the Executive Board is just one of the many leadership opportunities students can take advantage of in PRSSA! Don’t forget to apply to a committee to start honing your skills and prepare for becoming a committee head or serving on exec one day as well. We are so excited for this semester, and we hope you are too!