UGA PRSSA on how to ace any interview

By Brooke Barber 

Interviewing can be scary. Sitting down in front of a group you want to be a part of to be interrogated and examined is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I would say it is nobody’s cup of tea. As gruesome as interviews are, however, they’re an essential part to getting a dream job or internship. It’s important to use an interview to your advantage.

Here are five tips to help you do just that!

  1.   Be Confident

As cliché as this may sound, many people often choose to ignore this step. Go into the interview proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Nobody will want to hire someone that thinks they are average, but if you think that you’re hot stuff, they will too. Whether it be doing some “power poses” in the mirror or some positive self-affirmations before, go into the interview feeling like you’re the boss. Also, as simple as it may be a smile can go a really long way.

  1.   Dress to Impress

With a lot of interviews currently happening over Zoom, it can be easy to throw on a nice top and some pajama pants. As hard as this may be, really take the time to fully get ready. No need to go all out with a ballgown or tux, but dress as if you already have the job. This will show the company that you care and help them envision you as a part of the crew. Taking some extra time to look and feel good could be that extra boost that takes your interview to the next level.

  1.   Be Personable

Resumes are used to show all of your grades, involvements and accomplishments. While you can (and should) talk about these in your interview, you should also use your interview to make you stand out. Everyone has a good resume, but not everyone has an identifiable personality that will leave you in the interviewer’s mind. Talk about your interests and strengths. People want to work with nice, enjoyable people rather than someone who is smart with nothing else to offer. This interview could be the only time they meet you in person, so show them what a piece of paper can’t!

  1.   Do Your Research

Like people, every company is distinctive in the skills and services they offer. It would be silly to treat every company the same, so that’s where the importance of research comes in. Prior to your interview, look up the company. What do they do? What are their values? Is this the sort of community you can see yourself working in? What specifically are they looking for? Knowing these could give you a lot of insight on the company and help you determine if it’s a good fit for you.

  1.   Interview Them

As much as you want a job, they want an employee. Make sure that it’s a good match for you. Additionally, show them the research you’ve done in the previous step. If they are an agency, ask them about specific clients they’ve had. Ask them about what daily work life is like or what the hardest part of the job is. Asking them questions will show them that you care about their company. Avoid the awkwardness of having to say no when they ask you if you have any questions and come prepared with a list of questions.

Interviewing can be scary, but it can also be fun when done right. Use your interview as a way to secure your dream job. As important as these helpful tips are, it all comes down to being yourself and finding the right fit for your career. Good luck, and go kill that interview!