The Rise of Podcasts

By Abby Del Bene

The world is rapidly moving away from newspapers and web articles, and people are gravitating towards the audio world of podcasts. This form of online content has become increasingly popular over the last several years and is only expanding. 

According to Podcast Insights, the number of podcasts has grown from 550,000 to 700,000 with over 6.5 million more episodes and 32 percent more active listeners since 2018. As more people realize their love and curiosity for podcasts, the audio world will continue to grow and inform those willing to listen. 

Podcasts have provided an easier and more efficient way to get your daily dose of news. In the busy life of a parent or professional, it is easier to play a podcast than to sit down and read a book or watch a TV show. Podcasts can be consumed from anywhere, whether you’re driving a car, running errands, getting work done or exercising. 

Podcasts not only offer information anytime you want, but also entertainment for every mood. They offer many topics at the click of a button and cover a variety of genres, including comedy, murder mystery, health or politics. It seems there is a podcast on everything for everyone. 

Podcasts are also changing the AdPR landscape and giving brands new ways to reach their target audiences. Due to technology taking over our daily lives, podcasts have become an outlet for many advertisers to sneak their brand or product into the mix. They are an inexpensive way to connect with a diverse group of people who have similar interests.

Brands utilize podcasts as a way to advertise their products and engage with their audience by showing a more personalized side to the ad. This is likely to increase the amount of people who respond to it. When someone trusts the host of their favorite podcast, they usually trust the product they are promoting, as well. 

Personally, podcasts have made an impact on my life with the countess topics they have both entertained and educated me on. My current obsession is a podcast by YouTuber Sarah’s Day, The Health Code. She talks all about health and fitness and overall healthy lifestyle habits. It is one of my favorites because it is very informative with but also light-hearted and entertaining. 

Podcasts are the new pastime everyone should come to love and enjoy on a daily basis.