A very happy Thanksgiving from PRSSA to you: Members discuss what they’re thankful for this year

By Anna Gilstrap

Don’t deny it— You broke out the Christmas playlist as soon as the calendar hit Nov. 1. Many of us went straight from Halloween to Christmas, but let’s not forget to show Thanksgiving some love. After all, a day dedicated to being thankful, spending time with family and friends and eating delicious food deserves recognition.

To celebrate this upcoming holiday, we asked some members of the Drewry chapter what they were thankful for this year (aside from PRSSA, obviously).


Lily Zay 


Public relations major 

Member relations committee member

Zay’s holiday season gratitude is mostly career-focused this year—something many juniors with can relate to. With graduation looming in the near future, she cites future internships as what she is most thankful for.     

“I’m thankful that I have internships lined up for the summer because that takes a lot of stress off of me,” Zay said.


Valentina Drake 


Advertising major 

Outreach committee co-head

Drake looks back appreciatively on this fall semester, especially on her time in Grady and PRSSA.  

“I’m thankful for this really good school year and my first semester fully in Grady,” Drake said. “I’m also really thankful for all of the wonderful people in PRSSA.” 


Lena Soenke

Soenke left, Wiese right


Advertising major

Outreach committee co-head


Morgan Wiese 


Intended public relations major

Outreach committee member 

Soenke and Wiese are both grateful for friendship, and more specifically, each other. 

“I’m thankful for Morgan,” Soenke said. 

“And I’m thankful for Lena,” Wiese said, finishing Soenke’s thought. 


Maya Moreschi 


Advertising major 


Finally, Moreschi is thankful for Athens; it’s a city that welcomed her wholeheartedly even as an out-of-state student from Nashville, Tenn. 

“I’m thankful for Athens as a community, just being an out-of-state student,” Moreschi said. “It means a lot to have such a cohesive and inspiring community to be a part of.” 

What are you most thankful for this year? Let us know!