Content Editors Signing Off

By: Raynor Manley and Sara Lawrence

PRSSA is a great way to make connections with other Grady students that are similar and/or the same majors. These connections can also turn into friendships that will last even beyond college!

The past year serving as the Director of Content has been such a great experience and I’ve truly learned so much. I have enjoyed bonding with the rest of E-board, my committee head, Sara and my committee members. I’ve loved coming up with blog ideas, giving advice and recapping each meeting we’ve had this year. I can’t believe this is my last blog post. This has been such a creative outlet for me, and I’ve gotten to express my ideas and help other Grady students navigate college in a small way. While this chapter is coming to an end, another chapter is opening, and I am so excited for what’s to come.

I am so excited to pass the Director of Content reigns to Sara Lawrence and know she will do amazing things. She has been a terrific committee head and I am looking forward to serving on E-board with her next year. Additionally, I am excited to take the next step with PRSSA and serve as the Public Relations Director next year. The position feels like a natural next step and I’m excited to gain more exposure for PRSSA and channel my creativity in new ways. I am looking forward to this new opportunity and look forward to serving another year on E-board.

I wish everyone good luck with finals and hope everyone has an enjoyable and restful summer. We can’t wait to start things back up again next fall with PRSSA and as always feel free to contact any of us with questions!

  • Raynor

This past year has given me so many incredible experiences in PRSSA. I got the opportunity to serve as the Content Committee Head which taught me so much about myself by both collaborating in a team and taking initiative as a leader. I am so thankful for the guidance Raynor has given me throughout this year, and I am so excited to take over her position as Director of Content next year.

PRSSA has given me a family here at UGA that makes this giant school feel a little smaller. I cannot wait to see what this upcoming year has in store for this organization and all its members. I am serving on the executive board with amazing and talented people and could not be more excited to get to learn and grow with them.

I hope you all do great on your final exams and don’t stress out too much! Soak in the last couple of days in Athens with your friends and relax over summer. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, congrats on working hard and making it through this year at UGA! I hope to see you all at PRSSA next year!

  • Sara