Recruitment committee

Committee lead: Mary Martin Shook

The goal of the Recruitment Committee is to spread the word about PRSSA to increase overall number of registered members. The committee will serve two functions each semester: general PRSSA membership recruitment and event recruitment. The committee executes promotional opportunities that include: distributing flyers, social media content, speaking to other organization and working tabling events.

event planning committee

Committee lead: Arianna Giovetti

The Event Planning Committee works with the Vice President to create a semester-based calendar of events for PRSSA and ensure that each event is set up. Such events include senior awards banquet, member socials, diversity mixers and more.

fundraising committee

Committee lead: Kat Blanchard

The Fundraising Committee works alongside the Director of Finance to generate fundraising for the chapter through an assortment of fundraising activities such as percentage nights, PRSSA sponsored events, grants and more.

member relations committee

Committee lead: Clair Owens

The PRSSA Member Relations Committee’s main focuses are to drive engagement within the organization and recognize both internal and external chapter achievement. Members of this committee are responsible for highlighting individual, professional achievements of our chapter members. This committee is also responsible for tracking chapter attendance.

social media committee

Committee lead: Caroline Silva

The Social Media Committee works alongside the Digital Media Director to produce original content and campaigns for PRSSA’s various social media outlets and blog. They help keep the accounts an engaging and useful resource for members, alumni and industry professionals alike.

publications committee

Committee lead: Sam Glover

The Publications Committee works alongside the Publications Editor and is responsible for planning and executing goals and articles for PRSSA’s newsletter The PRecedent.

publicity committee

Committee lead: Spenser Thompson

The publicity committee is responsible for leading the committee in design, execution and upkeep of publicity materials throughout the  school year. This is a job for those who have experience in pressroom material production. The committee is broken up into two teams:

1. News Release Team
This team assists the Public Relations Director in drafting press releases, blog posts and other written materials.

2. Graphic Design Team
This team also works under the Public Relations Director to unify graphics, logos, etc. for UGA’s PRSSA chapter. It assists all committees and executive board members when any sort of graphics are needed.

networking committee

Committee lead: Maddie James

The Networking Committee is new as of Fall 2017, and it is responsible for implementing the chapter's new networking teams. Members will head up a networking team and ensure that the teams are being used to their full potential. The networking teams are meant to "shrink" the chapter so that members may get to know each other.