A Closer Look at Paw Print Agency

By Carter Chapman

Photo from Abby Hellman

Paw Print Agency is a student-run advertising and public relations agency that serves the Athens community. It provides pro bono work to local charities and nonprofit organizations. Paw Print was founded in 2018 with the desire to fill this need in Athens while mutually benefiting its students. The agency providing an opportunity to gain experience working in their respective fields for real world clients.

“Paw Print is about more than a yearlong project to add to your student portfolio,” Abby Hellman, co-founder and co-president of Paw Print Agency, said. “There are so many organizations in Athens that are doing life changing work and our goal is to provide communications support that will really make their services to our community known.”

Paw Print has worked with clients including Sparrow’s Nest, Books for Keeps, Jeannette Rankin Foundation and Circle of Friends Animal Society. It provides these organizations with PR work including the creative, strategic and digital aspects. Students have provided everything from web design to social media management and even event planning for these organizations. 

“Being a part of Paw Print has taught me so much about the AdPR industry,” member Kevin Hunter said. “It has taught me valuable communications skills, both with clients and colleagues.”

Paw Print members are assigned to a team where they each have a specific role, such as project manager, PR specialist or creative coordinator. The whole team works for a specific client, who they meet with and craft a comprehensive AdPR plan for. A separate photo team works to provide visual content for the agency and clients from various events and locations.

These clients serve important functions in the community, but they often can’t afford to maintain or outsource their communications. That’s where Paw Print Agency comes in. Students can have an impact on the world around them and sharpen their own PR skills. If interested, contact ugapawprintagency@gmail.com for more information.