Certificate Recommendations for Grady Majors 

By: Sara Lawrence

All Grady majors have a two year track in the college to complete their major classes. This means many Grady students apply for the college in their second semester of their sophomore year. However, many students who come to UGA with class credit from AP and dual-enrollment courses can apply a semester early and have extra room in their schedule. Grady, and the PR major in particular, also provides students with room in their schedule every semester to take other classes and electives of their choosing. Students are welcome to take any classes that interest them over a wide variety of disciplines, or they can tailor these classes to complete a certificate to enhance their degree. Here are three popular certificates that Grady students often pursue in addition to their major: 

The new media institute’s certificate allows students to gain experience in web development and emerging media technologies with hands-on experience, including creating and advertising a new media product in the program’s capstone.

1. New Media Certificate

Technology is becoming more important every day, and young professions must be able to understand and utilize different emerging platforms. The new media certificate trains students on how to be “techknowledgeable”: understanding new media technologies and their application. It is Grady’s largest certificate program that focuses on interactive media and encompasses user experience design, web development, iOS app development, graphic design, emerging technologies, digital storytelling and more. The traditional track is the most common track that Grady majors pursue, requiring four courses and two electives. The required courses are Intro to New Media, Web Development, New Media Industries and New Media Capstone. Regardless of the industry you want to go in, the new media certificate provides students with an array of skills that give them an upper hand in today’s technology-focused job market. 

2. Sports Media Certificate 

As UGA is an accomplished athletic school, with a recent National Championship victory, many students are interested in sports-related careers. The sports media certificate prepares students for communications careers in the sports industry in broadcast or print journalism, media relations, content creation or other disciplines. Students study how sports and media affect each other and examine the changing relationships between the media and athletes, coaches and sports organizations. They also put their skills to the test with a capstone internship in a real-world setting. The certificate requires students to take six sports media classes, including the foundations of Introduction to Sports Reporting and Writing and Multiplatform Storytelling for Sports. From there, students may choose from many options, including Social and Digital Media Production for Sports and Sports Media Relations. Finally, students pursue the capstone in the end. This certificate equips students for a career in the world of sports that can be tailored to their own individual speciality. 

3. Public Affairs Communications Certificate

The public affairs communications certificate (PAC) works in conjunction with the School of Public and International Affairs. PAC is aimed at students with an interest in politics, public policy and public affairs. This certificate gives students specialized communication skills that allow them to shape public opinion on political candidates, issues, legislation and public affairs. The public affairs communications certificate is the first program in the United States to train students in public affairs communications strategy and tactics. This program is led by professors that have worked in Washington D.C. in the field, such as program director Professor Joseph Watson. Grady students apply when they apply to Grady college or in their first semester as a Grady student. They take the following courses: Introduction to Public Affairs Communications, Introduction to Applied Politics, Advanced Public Affairs Communications, an upper-level Political Science course and a Special Topics course, that can consist of a class, internship or even a study abroad program in Washington D.C. 

These are only a few of the certificates that UGA and Grady college offer. Other certificates such as the news literacy certificate and the strategic health and risk communications certificate are also offered to students in Grady. UGA has an even broader list. Certificates are a great way to supplement any major and enhance your education. You can look at the complete list of certificates that UGA offers here: UGA Certificates