2020 E-Board Elections

Applications for the 2020-2021 PRSSA executive board will open on March 16 and close on March 27 and are available HERE. Interviews begin the following week and voting will be from April 3 to April 7. Below are descriptions of each executive board position. If you have any questions, please contact any executive board member or Kim Landrum.


Currently: Emma Crosby

  • Must have been a member of PRSSA for at least one year
  • Executive officer of the executive board
  • Directs overall operations of the chapter 
  • Maintains open communication with the executive board and faculty advisor
  • Presides over all meetings
  • Organizes speakers for meetings and other professional development opportunities
  • Serves as liaison between National PRSSA and UGA PRSSA
  • Submits electronic and hard copy of membership information and dues to National PRSSA

Vice President

Currently: Kat Blanchard

  • Performs the duties of the president if the president is absent or unable to perform his/her duties
  • Organizes and presides over all committees
  • Helps committees establish plans, goals and objectives
  • Maintains communication between all committees members, committee heads and executive board members

Director of Finance

Currently: Kat Blanchard

  • Works with chapter president and advisor to prepare annual budget
  • Collects fees for special events and fundraisers
  • Keeps accurate financial records 
  • Contacts the business office every couple of months for the funds in the account
  • Disburses chapter funds with approval of faculty advisor
  • Prepares check for National dues
  • Presents membership and renewal information to the chapter
  • Reimburses members for PRSSA expenses
  • Presides over the outreach committee 

Director of Internal Communications

Currently: Aya Maruyama

  • Works with the president and vice president to distribute tasks and coordinates with other executive board members
  • Keeps a detailed living document detailing what is happening within the chapter, committees and with the executive board 
  • Sends updates to the executive board and advisor once a week and resolves any potential challenges
  • Maintains constant contact with the faculty advisor
  • Acts as the liaison between the faculty advisor and the executive board

Public Relations Director

Currently: Kayla Nichols

  • Responsible for the production and distribution of flyers and graphics for all meetings and events
  • Maintains the PRSSA bulletin board on the second floor of the Journalism building
  • Presides over the public relations committee
  • Maintains media relations on and off campus by pitching stories to UGA media, Athens media and PRSA Georgia and PRSSA publications weekly
  • Creates press releases about PRSSA events and meetings
  • Provides information about PRSSA for Grady website, ADPR Blog and Grady’s listserv
  • Keeps in close contact with the digital media director and president to ensure consistent messages across platforms 

Director of Member Relations

Currently: Ashleigh Burroughs

  • Creates and sends the weekly e-newsletter
  • Presides over member recruitment at the beginning of each semester
  • Works with the member relations committee members and committee head to attract new members
  • Point of contact for all members and potential new members regarding membership
  • Updates the PRSSA listserv with email addresses of new members
  • Maintains a record of chapter members and attendance at meetings
  • Works with the member relations committee head to designate points for attendance
  • Runs the chapter Gmail account and answers all emails 
  • Oversees the “Member of the Month” selection
  • Buys gifts for speakers and writes thank you notes
  • Posts reminders to members in the GroupMe

Director of Content

Currently: Madison Dye

  • Serves as editor for all articles published weekly on the UGA PRSSA blog
  • Manages the content committee
  • Brainstorms and assigns articles to committee members
  • Edits committee members’ articles for grammar and cohesiveness
  • Creates submission deadlines and publishing schedules
  • Sends article drafts to faculty advisor, president and director of internal communications for approval before posting
  • Keeps website calendar updated

Digital Media Director

Currently: Lottie Smalley

  • Manages all social media outlets 
  • Develops social media strategy and campaigns
  • Posts lively and relevant content regularly on all social media 
  • Uploads photos and videos to social media
  • Runs analytics and schedules posts via Buffer
  • Heads the social media committee and committee head