Every student at UGA has at one time or another looked at their online banking statement or in their wallet and been disappointed in what they’ve seen. With so much to do in Athens (most of which costs money) and so many good places to eat, it’s easy to go through money faster than you could ever possibly make it. Not to mention the difficulty of maintaining a job with school and social life. But… by following a few of these easy tips you can save money and still live the college life that you want to — no job necessary!

  1. Research your Restaurants

Using apps like Hooked and Kruue, utilizing coupon books (yes those little black and white coupon books on the counters at businesses all over town), and even just knowing specials in town ($5 Burgers at 5Bar on Sunday!) help to save you money on food. Minimize eating out and prepare food at home whenever possible to help save even more!

  1. Ditch the Drink

Whether your specialty drink is Starbucks coffee or a lemonade from Chick-fil-A, get into the habit of making them at home on your own. A single daily coffee or drink can cost up to $4. By making your own in a Keurig or buying a pitcher from the grocery store, you’ll get to leave the house later and save some cash.

  1. Leave the Keys

Driving a car is expensive, especially in Athens where most places require you to pay for parking. To avoid spending money on the meters or at the gas station, walk to class or ride the bus whenever you possibly can.


  1. Shop Sharp

Avoid spending unnecessary money on clothes and accessories. Try swapping clothes with friends and looking for deals of people selling their gently used items (think UGA Exchange Facebook group, Plato’s Closet consignment shop, and Poshmark). Make sure when you do shop to ask if the store offers a student discount (Fresh Market, for example, gives 10% off when you show your UGA ID).


  1. Stay UGA

The campus has a ton of free things to offer and by utilizing these you can save money on paying for them off-campus. For example, going to the Ramsey instead of purchasing a gym membership somewhere else saves you $15+ a month. Free movie showings at Tate, guest speakers, plays and performances, food samples in the plaza, and sporting events all over campus offer free entertainment and keep you from buying tickets to shows or programs in Athens.