By Emma Crosby

Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves feeling like they are going through the motions of life without taking time to truly enjoy it? Sometimes it feels like life’s daily routines are blurring together. College life is so busy and I hardly take the time to reflect and process my thoughts.

We’re over a fourth of the way done with 2018. Still don’t feel like you’ve done anything to better yourself? Here are a few easy ways to feel more fulfilled:


Take the time to write in a journal

Whether you journal daily or weekly, journaling is a great way to get your thoughts down. It’s a great way to process everything you are feeling. Write down your goals, dreams, struggles and triumphs! Journals are also awesome to look back on in a few months or years to track personal growth. So, buy a cute journal or decorate one yourself and get writing!


Read for fun

Okay guys, it’s 2018 – time to make reading cool again. Seriously. Reading for fun has so many obvious benefits like expanding your vocabulary, your world view and your overall knowledge. But there are other benefits too, like stress-relief and entertainment. Also, it’s pretty well-known that the most successful people are always reading a new novel. Don’t know where to start? Check out this list of 25 books that everyone should read:

Be more present

I love social media just as much as the next person, but remember, life is still happening around you while you’re busy looking at a screen. If you are on your phone, decide to consume meaningful content like podcasts, news articles, blogs and audiobooks. When you’re with friends, choose to leave your phone in your car or your bag and enjoy their company wholeheartedly.


Explore your surroundings

As much as I hate to think about it, I’m not going to live in Athens, Ga. for the rest of my life. Take the time to appreciate where we live before it’s too late. Have you always wanted to try that one coffee shop, go for a walk at that one park, or visit that iconic landmark? There’s no better time than the present. Grab a friend and get going!

These are four easy changes you can make in your life that will have an immediate impact on your overall happiness and fulfillment. Make 2018 count!