4 Tips on How To Impress Employers and Stand Out with Your Resume

By: Becca Albright 

It is important to constantly update your resume and keep it current. It is easier to write about a position when you are currently working in it rather than trying to remember details about it after it is over.

The backbone to any job application always begins with your resume. Employers see thousands of resumes every day, glance at the important information and move on. Most resumes follow a basic resume template found online and this can become repetitive for hiring managers. While it is important for your resume to have structure and look uniform, it needs to be unique so that you stand out from the other applicants. How do you make your resume look professional and stand out at the same time? Continue reading for some tips and tricks. 

  • Make your resume interactive.

Having an interactive resume allows employers to easily navigate through all of your online resources which ultimately gives them more information about you. Include links to your online portfolio and your LinkedIn that are easily accessible. You can include hyperlinks or simply just list the links with the rest of your contact information. Your goal is to make the employer’s job as easy as possible so that they have more time to research you and are eager to learn more about you. Having a link to your LinkedIn account allows employers to see all of your job history and involvement rather than the highlight reel that’s listed on your resume. 

  •  Personalize your resume. 

This can include creating a personal logo or adding color and design to your resume to make it less bland; anything that will give your resume a little bit of personality. Especially in a creative field like PR, employers want to see your creativity. A personal logo can be a small addition but it can add a creative element to your resume. Not only does it set your resume apart from others, but it also shows your creative side and willingness to put in the extra effort. A personal logo can tell the person looking at your resume a little more about you and your personality without actually knowing who you are. If you are applying for a more creative role or a role that involves graphic design, this shows the employer that you know how to work with different platforms like Canva and InDesign. Any way that you can show employers some of your technical skills will help you in the job application process. 

  • Tailor your resume to your industry. 

Every industry is looking for a specific type of person who fits their needs and has the skills they are looking for. Your resume should be a reflection of the role you are applying for. You want to use ‘buzz words’ when talking about your past experiences that align with the current job description you are applying for. Keep information that showcases your experiences relevant to the position in a prime location towards the top of your resume. Employers don’t always read the entire resume, so you want your best and most relevant information first. Write an objective that clearly states your desired position. If you’re applying for a more creative role use more creative design tactics. Think about what type of person the employer is looking for and mold your resume to reflect their ideal candidate.

  • Keep it clear and concise. 

Your resume should look clean and organized. Provide all the necessary information and details but do not go over the top on explanations. Keep in mind, most resumes should only be one page. If the employer likes what they see, they will reach out to learn more about the details and ask questions. You have heard it before: leave them wanting more. Provide the important information that is going to catch their eye and make them want to reach out to you. You will then have more to discuss in interviews where you can go more in depth on your experiences and skills.

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